a girl from Brazil


Im Proud 2 B Me!
What am I? I don't even know what I am! On second thought......

1. I'm Muslim Alhamdulillah
2. Allah's Servant (Inshallah)
3. 12 years old
4. Seeker of ilm (knowledge)
5. Hate school
6. Have a lot of Islamic knowledge
7. An "adorable little baby" to some people on the site. :rolleyes: Like as if
they've neve seen a little kid. :rolleyes:
8. An annoying kid at school.
9. And everyone's (almost everyone's) little brother. :)

Assalamu Aleikum. :SMILY335:


THANX 4 the biography!!!!!!

Let me give u one advice from someone who is in her last year of high school, dont hate school u wont get anywhere. Try to force urself to like school, that way u wont be bored in school!!! ill write more but its time for me 2 go 2 sleep.

C u 2morrow Insha ALLAH!!!!!!!!!


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Assalamo Aleikum friends ,

Sister Malaika I guess you r the most welcomed person around at TTI.
Any ways i also extend you my mnost warmest welcome to TTI.:SMILY206:
May Allah increase your knowledge of Islam & guide you to His Light
& May you unite with us in peace..(Ameen):tti_sister:


Umm Yusuf

Assalam alaikom sister welcome here in TTI coz here we can acquire great knowledge from our brotheres and sisters its a useful sites especially for us reverts.

wa sallam may ALLAH bless you and forgive you ameen.



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Hope you acquire as much knowledge in Islam as possible Insya-allah..;)
Welcome to this great website..




Masbah Omar

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Alhamdulillah that you have been guided to Islam, Sister.
Allah SWT guides whomsoever Allah SWT wills, be it even in Rio de Janeiro.
Welcome to the Islam brotherhood.


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welcome sister!mashallah
hope you;ll like it here coz i certainly do!!:D:D:D
men and women can talk but pref not look into eachothers eyes.and i agree...
both can talk but not with comfy words
id rather tell u not to have a bf till u make sure u2 marry.and be aware that he is good preff a good muslim,inshallah then all will be great!


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waalykom salam wa rahmato Allah,
You're Welcome sister.
We are glad too that you are between us.
baraka allah fiki


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Asalamu alycum my sister in the islam !
may Allah bless u and gives u the rightousness upon the islam path n the prophet Muhammad ( salla allahu alihi wa salllam ) way !
my sister in the islam , our religin ( all praises to Allah ) teaches us to be stable and stable in this world , due to the enormous disbelievings in the world ! be strong with patience n may Allah stable your steps toward the paradise Insha Allah !

cisem bulut

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salamalekum sister!im sooo happy for u..i have a brazilin friend from sao paulo.he is also interested in islam and wants to convert to islam.he has been learning a lot about islam..im soo happy for those people who are struggling to learn about islam..allah bless u:)


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:wasalam: sister iam happy for u couse u get the right way an god gaids u to islam way so god need u in paradies not hill as u have areal good soal .happy for u:salam2:


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Assalaam Alaikum and welcome Sister.

May your Islam go from strength to strength daily.

Glad you found this site and am sure all Brothers and Sisters on here are ready and waiting to help you in anyway they can.

Take care and look forward to your posts.

Fi amanAllah.