a girl from Brazil


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salamalikum sister
The story of you converting to islam in country like brazil is just amazing.Thing like this put the born muslim like me to shame.Then you remember that dieing in the stage of kufr have no excuse.May allah save us from this.Pls prey for me sister .

Pls prey for me? hehe

Its prAy, not prEy.

prey means to do robbery or hunt . :D



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As-salaam Alaikum,

May allah help you to get more knowledge of Islam.

If you need hlep please do not hesitate to ask.



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Assalaamu Alaykum, Warahmatullaah (Peace and Bless Of Allah be upon You)

Saa'id Adam, From Somalia, I'm here to say Congradulations to the Brazilian Sister, and I encourage you to continue studying and learning Islam, because it will help you deepen your faith and enlightenment.

I hope Allah gives you peace and confident in his true religion, and rewards you the paradise in hereafter - inshaa'allaah. Amen... Amen... Amen.


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Assalamo Aleikum friends ,


My name is Malaika Mello i'm from brazil and have more and less 2 or 3 months that i'm studying islam and some weeks that i decide convert to islam as you people most know muslim are not so normal in my land and the convert to islam here is something lone that i can only count with the help of my muslim bf and my muslim friends and of course Allah so i'm glad i found this website cause i know here i can find people for share this amazing experience and will find myself and try learn more to be a good muslim InshAllah

Allah Hafiz :hijabi:


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This forum is so nice.So many good brothers n sisters here.Its an honor to meet so many great peoples including u .

welcome again.




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Assalamo alekom bro/sisters and my new sister welcome to Islam , i have a friend frm brazil and he is muslim and some frm venezuela ,slvadore and we live in Australia.


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I am going to welcome u behalf of TTI from bottom of my heart.
May ALLAH Honour U.
Forgive U.
Purify U.
Accept Ur Ibadat & Duaa's.
Elevate U.
Inspire U
Shower U with his Noor, Mercy and Protection.

Sister If u have any question u can ask me anytime or pm I am like ur real brother.



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welcome newmalakia

wa alaykuma salaam
let me say again and again welcome dear sister of Islam .... keep practising islam and i wish u all the best ... at
last we here welcoming u every moment


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Welcome sister to this website
I think you will get more knowledge and muslim friends that you can share with your experieces


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Asalaamu Alaykum mi hermana, bienvenido a TTI, encantado. Hablas ingles bien, espero usted hable Espanol porque hablo Portugeses solo un pocito. Soy muy interested en el nivel del Islam en el Brasil porque tengo un amigo Braziliano que aceptado Islam, pero ahora vivo en Eiland (Norte de Enlatera) su nombre es Yusuf Islam (no el famoso Cat Stevens). Hago rezo que uso de Allah (SWA) usted para da'wah en Brazil.

Hasta luego y via con Dios.


You are welcome sister to the tti website
You will get more knowledge and many muslim friends from this web and that you can share with your experieces too.



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:salam2: BENVENIDA ,hi sister be welcome.Hihihi,I know what you are talking about beig strange in south america.I was born in Uruguay and i think we're about 300 muslim (there are only 3 millions of uruguayan people,estamos en vias de extincion jeje)Well sister macha'Allah i'm so glad for you ,be welcome again
Fi amanillah:hijabi: :hijabi: :hijabi: :hijabi: :hijabi:
Assalamo Aleikum friends ,


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Mashallah , I pray to Allah to keep u in a good faith , may Allah make it easy for u , as well .

Inshallah dont Give up , and I know its hard to live in a contry were people dont understand u verry well , but anyway Allah SwT , understand u well , and inshallah u will get reward for that , May Allah reward us All , Amiiin yaa Rabbi :tti_sister: :tti_sister: :tti_sister:


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Asalmu alykum my sister in the islam !
may Allah preserve and grant you a mercy and compassion from him , as well as bestows you to follow the final prophet ( god bless and peace be upon him ) , step by step you will find that isalm is the true religion inshallah as amercy , serenity , peace , knowledge , and brotherhood in Allah .
Allah bless you my sister , keep strong due to you'r living in non muslim country being , but say always : in the name of allah , allhamdu lillah, subhana allah , la illaha illa alla , allahu akbar ...
asalamu alykum.


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big welcome sister!!!i like brazil but i think none of them could play like zineddine zidane!:p :holaaa: your brother from germany wassalam


walayakumassalam sister
malaika happy for you that you find true religion islam inshallah you will learn from here


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Wa Alikum Asalaam,


I get so amazed being born as a muslim, when i see how people strive to learn about Islam. And the hardships they face, i am soo happy that i get to learn from all of you. And hopefully, you will help give me all the encouragments i need to improve in my religion. Am a new member myself.

InshAllah we will provide you with all the support you need. And if you need anything at all, please let me know :)