Advices for Children to Benefit from the Summer Vacation

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    Advices for Children to Benefit from the Summer Vacation

    Dear sisters,

    Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

    Now its time summer vacation for many of our kids

    Hera is a topic we may think . We may special plan in this time for the development of our kid's moral teaching.

    Written By: Shiekh Ibraheem Dawesh

    Parentsshould urge their children to memorize quraan during the summervacation and encourage them by all means, even by giving them amonetary reward for every chapter of the quraan or hadith memorized!.and of course there is a great reward from Allah for doing that.

    1.During the summer vacation, our children's time is wasted in doingnothing, and we don't usually give them enough attention in this partof the year.

    Most of the parents think that they havefulfilled their duty towards their kids, just by going on a trip withthem. They never think about arranging a special program for this trip,like arranging some contests, and games, or helping them to practiceany other activity.

    It will be better If every family gatheredthe kids in some place, where the grownups share in watching andguiding them to do these things. It won't cost them anything if theycooperated and shared these times with their kids. Kids shouldn't beleft alone without anyone to watch for them. And it will be muchbetter, if all the parents in the same neighborhood arrange a certainprogram for their kids in any close park or lounge, where they can hiresomeone to look after the kids. These kinds of arrangements will sureprotect the children from being out in the streets, and is the best wayto benefit from their leisure time.

    2. Unfortunately some youthnever think about advising their own families and relatives, or guidingthem to the good deeds! it will be a very good thing, if every youngman or girl, gather his or her family and relatives in any place, alounge or a summer camp, for several nights or even for one night, andarrange some programs, contests and games, through which he can givethe advice, or distribute recorded lectures or articles.

    Manypeople have already tried doing this and it was a great benefit forevery one. Try doing that, and it will give you many rewards inshaaAllah, for reaching the next of kin, spreading good deeds, and da'wa toAlmighty Allah

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