Am i loseing it ?


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hey tti friends

i posted a thread a weak back regarding insults i receive from my fellow workers and friends........well i thought friends..

last night i yet again was forced into an arguement by 6 against 1.........and everytime i responded by trying to answer their comments and remarks i was verbaly abused............and not given any grattitude to complete my statements.

i cannot report this to my superiors and will not as i must stand my ground and live and work in a very awkward and hostile enviroment....what makes it difficult is the fact that im new to Islam............

i feel that my present lack of knowledge , is driveing me to a point that i feel i can strangle them so angry i got last night...................obvisiously i will not revert to violence as i have had enough of that in my life believe me...

you all out there are my new family...........advice please to overcome these ignorant self sented me arm myself with knowledge of Islam........the pen is mightier than the sword..

Im proud to be a new Muslim and not ashamed.....


Asalamo Alaykom!

Whenever you feel like you are getting angry....Sit down...if u were standing...that will calm you down a bit.
Also, don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you angry....try to control yourself as much as possible, dont let them see that you are furious.

Is it possible to ignore them? Just listen to them and then walk away? I know it sounds ridiculous..but sometimes silence is a powerful weapon.

Have faith in Allah, make contiuous supplication and inshAllah all will go well.....

I'm sorry i dont know what else to say...hope that helps



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:salam2: dear brother,

I am so sorry to hear about your situation. It's lovely mashaAllah that you have found your new path in life, a path of truth. However there are many test on this path and for each one inshaAllah you;ll grow and learn more about yourself and your faith in Allah subhana wa ta'ala.

What is it that they argue with you about? Do you have to work closely with them? Surely there must be a senior staff or a manager that can step in. 6 against 1 sounds very hostile. If you are threathened by them then look into speaking to someone about this at work.

Another thing you can do is to drop the subject with them. You can't get through to people who are deaf and on the defence!! It is amazing to learn about Islam and naturally we would want to tell others about it and so on and so forth. But as these guys are giving you trouble maybe it's worth considering to avoid conflicts with them even if it means that you don't talk about Islam with them.

Work to increase your knowledge and start at salah, Tawheed (oneness of God) and the basics. InshaAllah I hope other sisters and brothers are better equiped in mentioning good books. One for ex is Kitab At Tawheed, the english translation with meanings and explanations.

Also know that whatever harm may come to you Allah will compensate you inshaAllah. Anyone who hurts you Allah will compensate you inshaAllah. It's better to be hurt by someone than to be the one who hurts. On the day of judgement you are the one who was hurt and not the one who hurt others, and inshaAllah you will be given good deeds for it.

I wish you the best, let us know what's happening





Dear Brother!

when ever you are going through this painful time my advice is remember the hard time of Hazrat Bilal (RaziAllahtallahanho) and then Hardship of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) you will see your pain will decrease

take care and May Allah help you.

A Kashmiri

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Brother leon, Salam Alaikom

Sometimes do your best to learn more about islam, have firm faith in Allah. The best thing in this situation is not to try to enter into conversation with them, they will try though but you just avoid as it is futile as they dont allow you to speak.

You can though show them by your muslim character, by being good in general, and i am sure they will come forward someday with curiosity and will allow you to present your views. FOR NOW IT IS BETTER TO KEEP QUITE AND DO YOUR WORK AND HAVE FAITH AND KNOW MORE ABOUT ISLAM...



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thanks you

to all the advice and feedback received i say thank you very much guys.......yes i will not bring the topic up again when its risen..........will distance myself from there so called conversations and rather spend my time productive reading the Qu'ran and learning more abput the ways of Islam......

i will succed with the guidance of Allah and nothing will stop me...



Make dua for us all
Asalamo alaikom brother leon

good to hear from you again...

simply ignore them and don't pay no attention to them.... they would like to prove them-self if you got angry and loose yourself and become violent.... but, alhamduliLah, you controlled yourself... at this point they lost :SMILY346:

if they want to talk religion, give them some printed stuff about Islam... if they just want to debate, don't offer them any time... let them bla bla bla... if you can put some headphones on at work, i would highly suggest to do so....

learn as much about islam as you can, step-by-step... you'll find peace and tranquility.... May Allah reward you for your patience.... ameeen

P.S. let us see you as much as you can and post anything beneficial you learn or have questions on... Salam/Peace brother

warda A

Asalamo Alaykom!

Is it possible to ignore them? Just listen to them and then walk away? I know it sounds ridiculous..but sometimes silence is a powerful weapon.


I agree, you should walk away from such kind of situations, they might call you a coward, but i would rather be a coward than get myself into a situation where i migh get blamed for any thing that might happen
and arm yourself with good islamic knowledge,that will help you and also guide you.(this site is a good place for learning) and mashalla for keeping your cool,it definately takes a lot of courage,