Brother Wulf Accepts Islam!


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Assalaam alaykum,

I read in the thread ' Frustration ' made by brother Wulf, that he has decided to accept Islam and that he took the Shahada, the declaration of faith MashaAllah.

The moderator team wants to congratulate brother Wulf on his acceptance of Islam!!! All praise is due to Allah who has opened your heart to Islam.

We pray that Allah keeps you firm upon the truth and increases you in knowledge and understanding, Ameen. :tti_sister:

On a occasion like this mashaAllah, a chocolate cake cant be missed!! :)



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Alhamdu li Allah

Congratulation brother,
I hope you will spread Islam among your familty and friends and why not the whole town where you live.
May Allah keep you and us on the His straight path.


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As Salaamun Aleykum Wa Rahmetullahi Wa Barakathu,

ALLAHu Akbar!!!, congratulation dear brother, for your right decision.

wa salaam

Brother Semih

Happy 2BA Muslim

Assalamu alaikum Brother Robin,

Welcome to your new family!!! You have just made my day!!!

:allahuakbar: :allahuakbar: :allahuakbar:

This is what happenned to me when I read your shahadah:

:SMILY33: then...... :SMILY23:

May Allah make you and us steadfast on the road to Paradise!

Welcome to Islam my dear Brother!!!


AlQudsu tunadeena

welcome brother with all our love, what wonderful news.

May Allah keep you stead fast on his religion and help you through ..(Aameen)



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Asalamu alaikum!

Alhamdulilah you have found and accepted Islam brother! I can remember the joy I felt when I took my shahada, it truely is something amazing! May Allah keep you guided and steadfast on the true path of Islam

Wa salam!


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it must have been a greatest thing in your life brother
Welcome once again to ISLAM
May Allah put Barakah in your deeds and give you Hidayah , Hikmah and give shade under His blessings of love,grace and mercy.


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Assalamu Alaykum wa RAhmatullah,

Welcome bro Wulf.. or I think your name is Robin :)

May Allah bless you and increase you in knowledge, and make you successful in this life and in the next ! ~Ameen~

and may Allah help us all in that too ~Ameen~

It is a great and momentous occassion for you.. it is the biggest gift that you could have recieved in this life..

Take Care brother! :)

Here some good and very important articles:

Fundamental Beliefs in Islam Tawheed and Aqeedah



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Congratulation dear brother in Islam...masha^Allah...plz donot forget us in urs precious PRayers.

:muslim_child: :muslim_child: :muslim_child: :muslim_child: :muslim_child:
:salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah:


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Assalamualaykum brother Robin and congratulations!

Allah guides whomever he will and whoever he guides none can misguide, and whosoever Allah misguides none can guide.

Alhamdulillah you have found the truth, may Allah guide us all to the ultimate goal.


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:salam2: bro

:salah: :tti_sister: Alhamdullillah :allahuakbar::allahuakbar::allahuakbar:

:salah: :tti_sister: May Allah swt guide u and hopefully ur daughter in the near future thru the straight path till all of us meet in paradise :inshallah:
Ameen,,ameen, Ya Rabbal Alameen


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Mashallah Brother,

May Allah protect you and other muslim brothers from every opression.

May Allah guide you and other brothers as well to the straight path.

May Allah help you to understand this beautiful relegion of TAWHEED.

May Allah protect us from every evil act.

May Allah protect us from commiting every SHIRK (Assossiate Parterners ).

Jazakmullah HuKhairan.

As-salaam Alaikum


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Warm Welcome you beginning of new life in Islam & Beleive me I am very very happy that mashallah by the grace of ALLAH u took a right decision,brother I am unable to describe my happiness.Brother prey for me in ur prayers & If u have any kind of help plz let me know.



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:salam2: to all my Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

Thank you for your thoughts and congratulations. I am sure that Allah swt will guide me to my eventual teacher.

Sister Hajar.
You quite obviously know my weakness. I am of a mind to cook my favourite Mississippi Mud cake, with Chocolate Fudge icing and Glac'ed Cherries. I am sure my Doctor won't mind, if I do not tell him.;)

wasalam my friends