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  • Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaah.

    Hey sister, I forgot to ask you this a while back but do you still live in Ethiopia? I've quite a few questions, If you don't mind..:)

    And, uhm, Ciao(Chaaw)?< means 'bye' right? lol [I'm not sure how that French/Italian word ended up in Ethio]
    Asalama Aleikum sister....hope ur doing well...sis I heard about the masjid that was burned in Addis Ababa. I hope all our muslim brother/sisters there are okay. you guys are in our du'aa.
    As-salaamu'alaykum ukhtii :)

    jazakAllah khair for acceptng my dear sisterr
    hope and pray ur ok inshaAllah

    take care ukhtii
    love u fillah

    Wassalaam :D
    La haula wala quuata illa bilah.... I am sorry to hear that. I have read that Ethiopia was in war against Somalia and was under the impression that Ethiopia is Christian majority. Is my impression correct? What is the percentage of muslims in Ethiopia?

    Thank you for answering my questions.. :D

    Great to hear from you sis.Alhamdullilah me and family are all well. Jazzak-Allah Khairyan.
    Assalamo alikom dear sister,

    How are you?? Hope you are in the bet state of faith and health.

    Jazaki Allah khairan for your adding me as a friend. Hope you are doing well in your study.
    Hadith of the Day:
    On the Day of Judgment the ones who have committed the most errors are going to be the people who indulged in the most vain talk during their lifetimes. [Tabarani]
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