Rahima Ali

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oh my dayzzzzz, i've heard of the 4yr old bride, her marriage took place in a Masai tribe in kenya it happened in 1997....atleast the yemeni girl gets justice but this masai girl doesn't.


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oh my Allah. this is an embarrassment to islam, and muslims when a girl is forced, FORCED to marry. subhanAllah

Rare case & rare circumstances. Today's world is different from yesterdays. In my humble opinion, I believe it's best to finish your education first then get married.

The little girls parents intention was that the husband was going to raise her and not have sex until puberty. They never taught abuse and other misconducts would take place. It's unfortunate.

Abdul Hasib

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^ An easier thing her parents could've done would be to have her get adopted by a good Islamic family, and when she reaches her past-adolescent age, then it is alright.

Instead they don't understand the evil hearts of people, that being, animal men that are known today.

May Allah Ta Alla never forgive that disgusting beast for this until he sincerely understands his mistake and promises to Allah Ta Alla that he'd never let something like that happen again.

Yemen, the homeland of Imam Anwar Al Awlaki (Rahmatullah Alyh), Hmmmmmmmm...........................

But Allah Ta Alla knows what is best for us, good and happy experiances, or horrible and dreadull miseries.

To help our Intellect, and to prepare our minds, and Verily in him, does the true Mumin put their full trust and obediance.


Subhana Allah!
:eek: how can they do that to their little baby?......:girl3: may Allah subhana wata'ala guide this ummah to the right path ameen

jazak Allahu khayra


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All i can say is, some people are desperate. Maybe they needed the money. allah hu alim

The article does not indicate the family received any money for marrying their child to a man thrice her age. And even if they did, then they are committing a haraam act, one does not pay money to the parents of a woman for marriage. Tha mahr goes straight to the female and is only accessble by her.

This is no different than people who used to kill their daughters rather than fear them starving to death. (remember the ayah in the Qu'ran?) They should've put their trust in Allah and begged for food rather than give their child to a man in marriage. It would've been better to have the little girl beg for money for food than force her to endure sexual assault under this pedophile.




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^^ i wouldnt call that guy a pedophile because he married her!

A person who has sex with a prepubescent girl is a pedophile. The shariah states a female must be pubescent before she can be married. Furthermore, he forced himself upon her against her will, this is rape. A forced marriage does not make what he did halaal. Even the judge asked him why he couldn;t have found a woman to marry, not a child.


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Assalam Aliekum

You Go, Shyhijabi! I was just about to post the exact same sentiments! Sex with a CHILD (a girl who has not reached puberty) that is the EXACT DEFINITION of what a pedaeophile IS! And not only was he also a rapist; what an evil creep.