early marrige!!


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the other day i was thinking to myself.. when is going to be my time for marrige? when will i no if i want to be married ..

I relised that i want a wife figure in my life.. i want to be close with a muslim girl.. and have some one that can always be there for me..

i was thinking of getting engaged for a couple of years.. then marry when i have a good career!! but im really not sure... what do you all think??
I find it hard socialising with other muslims ( im a really :shymuslima1: muslim) and all i want to do is get to no other muslims and get to no my future wife.. is this halal or haram?

also a old friend of mine told me that i wont get a wife any time soon because im a revert.. not many people take me an islam seriously!! they think im ever in it for the women, or they think im too strict.. maybe i should start looking cos itll take so long..
advice would be greatly apreciated :) may allah reward you all for listening


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:salam2: Bro

Its the paradox of the reverts:

Muslimah sister(who practicing)are hesistant becaus they wan be sure you are truly Muslim
And Muslimah(who don't practicing)find us too strict...

My wife is too a revert I found the solution ^^


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i try so hard to be a good muslim.. pray.. read quran daily.. memorise surahs not football players! yet muslimas stil dont trust me



Dont worry too much about it. If it's destined for you at a specific time, it will happen. InshaAllah!!


Patience and duaa is the key, we plan, and Allah plans, but Allah is the best of planners. Everything will happen when Allah plans it to happen. It might be when you least expect it, mashallah. :)


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assalamo 3alaikom
all our destiny is by allah ,don't forget it.
the most of people in our world when they see any one practice islam say : he or she is fanatic but we must not listen to them because they are unknow about islam.
and the envirenement play a big role with people.
if you would a good advice: change your resident and go to any muslim country where you can find a good envirenomen to be married.


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I have a different situation.I am a revert,my husband was raised in a Muslim family. But he does not keep up his prayers,most time not praying at all,while I do keep my prayers.:tti_sister:


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salaam brother,

try not to worry be patient and leave the rest to allah (swt). i think i know what you mean sometimes i feel like i will never find the right brother and sometimes i feel like i will never even get married! because nobody helps me finding a partner and i am only 20yrs old it should be my parents job but they dont really brother, theres nobody in the family and theres no friends of the family i also live in a non-muslim community so i think how am i ever going to find anyone! but then i think again and dua to allah (swt) as he has everything planned.

so my advise would be to just put your trust in allah (swt)

yourself, brothers n sisters could you give me am opinion on one thing, i know i have stated there to leave everything to allah (swt) as he plans everything which i do and would be my advise to any1 who is in my or brother carpy123 situation. but sometimes i think at the back of my mind how can i find a brother if i jus sit at home all day and i have no help from anyone to help me? i have always thought u have to act on it in order for allah (swt) make it happen. you cant jus dua and sit there and wait for allah (swt) put it infront of your eyes right? how can i act on something that isnt really my duty?

please can everyone give me advice and their opinions and please correct me if i have said anything wrong and my apolagies if anything i have written is offensive as this is not my intention.

p.s. sorry carp123 i am not trying to take over your post, it just reminded me of my situation, may allah (swt) bring you all my brothers n sisters the happiness you deserve inshallah

jazakhallah khair

Muhanad Younis

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Ássalamu Alaikum

Brother Carpy may Allah guide you and you find the best muslimah that desrves you .

No one can really tell you when its time to get married because just you have the whole picture of your life.

What is more important than time would be for you to find a humble and modest muslimah that loves you and accept you as a real muslim ( the revert issue doesnt play a major role when we speak about true muslims) so cheer up.

Sister Sophie may Allah strengthen you and award you for your patience and obedience for your husband .

Although it is very sad that your husband does not pray 5 times a day or not at all you should have a great faith in Allah and make a sincere Doaa for him so that Allah redeem him by his might and well.

Wa Alaikum Alsalam


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Wa alaikumussalaam,

Sabr brother. Maybe the right time is just yet to come. Not all sisters have the same notion about reverts, so just wait for the right time Insha Allaah. Goodluck!
One more thread about marriage and i'm gonna cry...I'm sorry i didnt mean to think out loud =]

Patient brother dont haste in marriage, think about it, analyze it , understand the whole concept of marriage, consult your friends and family, do your prayer and put your trust in Allah.

Assalamu aleikum wrwb

Maria Norway

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According to sunnah the husband cannot stop his wife from going to the mosque (although it is better for her to pray at home)! This was said by the prophet (saw) himself, as he said that there is so much to gain from lectures adn socialising with other muslimahs. This is from several strong hadiths! However, if your husband is not practising Islam properly this might not make a difference. Just know that it is your right to go to the mosque if you wish to.



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Maria here is the problem, I don't want judge my brothers, but some peoples claim be Muslims but don't follow the Sunnah.

For example people"who claim be muslim" but who don't accepted the wedding of this daughter with a Black muslim brother, because he wasn't Arab. :angry:


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salam alaycoum akhi..
Make alot of doa'a and allah will show you the way Inshallah..doa'a is the best thing and of course dont forget ur prayers!!and im sure u'll find a wife that that desrves you and bring you happines and joy through ur life.. may allah bless you ..wish you all the best!
salam alaycoum..


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السلام عليكم
assalamo 3alaikom

it's no matter my brother but you need learn about marriage in islam in the kuran and the sunna of our profet.
how you make your choise?
how you make the marriage?
how you treated your life with your wife?
how our profet (sw) has treated his wife in anything of life?
so you can begin your search for your wife.
وفق الله الجميع لما يحبه ويرضاه.
try it my brother : www.sultan.org :)


Seek The Almighty
Maria here is the problem, I don't want judge my brothers, but some peoples claim be Muslims but don't follow the Sunnah.

For example people"who claim be muslim" but who don't accepted the wedding of this daughter with a Black muslim brother, because he wasn't Arab. :angry:

I do agree with u bro
A qoute which says:
Are u Muslim by the word or Muslim by the meaning?
We all should think how much practicing we are as a Muslim.
Having Knowledge don't mean ur wise, Wise if u put knowledge into practice.
Its hard but May Allah (swt) help us against temptations, desires and
evils. Ameen. :tti_sister:


Salafi Dawah is the best
I've noticed a lot of convert/revert brothers are finding it hard to get married. I think (and I maybe wrong but) it has to do with the parents or wali wanting a born Muslim for the potential wife. A lot of cultural influence in the name of Islam :astag: .


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I real think you should wait until you feel like you are in position to support your wife/family maybe a good job or something. In islam it says you as the husband should be able to provide for your wife so ask yourelf that question. What do you mean when i have good career? Are you in college or something and undecided what to major in? As long as you say assalam to them you don't need to socialize with them and it is not haram. I think since you want to get marry good islam sister who will help you should start going to the mosque and get to know the imaan and brothers who inshallah will help you find a suitable sister. Question why would you be ready to get enagaged and not marry? I know you want to wait until good carer but way and do alot of it when you have good career. Good Luck!!!:)