End of World on Saturday says nutty Christian


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But Kieran Healy had a slightly more comforting message for those disappointed at not joining Jesus: "I guess on Sunday when the #Rapture people feel really upset, we can't console them by saying 'Cheer up, it's not the end of the world.'"

Lol....... Should we feel sorry for these people? All their life believing something, to have a huge disappointment. It was a useless prediction, and maybe something good will come out of it, that people who believed in this will start questioning their faith, and be guided to truth InhsaAllah.


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in sh Allah the 21st 12 2012 will be a normal day and we all make a big laugh.it will be like the Witnesses of Jeovah said in 2000.the world hasn't finished its course


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Now it is Oct 21, he says. Once again he made a math mistake.:lol:

:salam2: No sister...you see, Saturday was a "Spiritual Judgement Day"...we didn't see the second comming of Christ but he came, saw, took a head count and on Oct. 21, THAT'S when the world will end... lol! "Believe it...or not!" lol!


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If these people had read their Bibles, and I know Bible is not as pure as Quran, as it has corruptions, it would tell these supposed Christians following Camping that "no man know the day or hour, not even the the son...." Even Prophet Jesus says he doesn't know.

I am an American and used to be a Church of Christ member, a small denomination as far as the Christians go. Anyway, some denominations do better than others educating their people what the Bible says, but it seems to me all the denominations of Christians do very little to encourage critical thinking among their members, and it also seems to me reflecting back that they, at least a great number, seem to fall prey to some outgoing personality who can smile a lot and give a good speech. They seem to fall for this all of the time, time after time, and I suspect some defect in their upbringing causing this.


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Allah the most glorified and most high said:

“They ask you about the Hour (Day of Resurrection): ‘When will be its appointed time?’ Say: ‘The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (Alone). None can reveal its time but He. Heavy is its burden through the heavens and the earth. It shall not come upon you except all of a sudden.’ They ask you as if you have a good knowledge of it. Say: ‘The knowledge thereof is with Allaah (Alone), but most of mankind know not.’”​
[al-‘Araaf 7:187]


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Assalamu alaykum

Thanks for sharing the news brother. It made me remember the news about the hindu astrologer who predicted that the local river bridge will collapse on the particular day.. A story of either 1994 or 1996 probably. Ironically the local govt did heed him and stopped the traffic through-out the day. People followed inconviniences. (all that as - some hindu sects has adopted astrology as a part of religion.) The next day he was caught and sent to prison for some days for creating panic and disturbances.Till then they and others with them seem not to be trying things out of their range that they couldn't cover up lol :). Now been looking for people who also have much pocket-trash to share and enjoy together...

Wa salamu alaykum