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  • Hmm! Was this VM meant for someone else? I guess not.

    Well Jen I suppose the whole point is you educate yourself (i.e learn) to change {not just pass exams or share notes, in this case posts). Those wild winds just are trying to get to this point as far as I can see. I think it's right in this regard, as knowledge that doesn't bring no good isn't of any use.
    Wa alaikom!

    I was talking about the mess in the sisters' club. My messy mess thread actually. It's all fixed Alhumdulillah.

    Mashaa'Allaah. Is he trained to use the toilet as yet?
    Wa alaikom!

    Sorry for the late reply. I think you know what kept me. . .*Smile* the usual me huh?

    Oh come on! Rain's great. I really wish we get some with khair Inshaa'Allah!

    Love to con!
    Hi sssss and Heysss!~

    *Smile* how are you doing? Are members allowed in this mod zone? Seriously the greens have taken over your wall. And me over the VMz Sobhan Allaah
    Hi Jen!

    I heard you guys had a quake? Hope things are alright at your end.

    Lemme know you and connor are fine Inshaa'Allaah!


    your sister. . .
    Last question, Is she alright herself?

    Yeah I know, Just saying these are some common terms. And we do use them pretty frequently. Now think about it. If you tell someone. "You'll have to pray or you'll end up doing Zinaa". That's isn't really right, right?*Smile*. Yep! I can vouch for that. You are better than me at least.

    *sigh* that was one loooooooooong tongue out!
    You don't "TALK" "ANYMORE"? Wow! those really are some unbelievable words! I thought you two even told each other about the number of breaths you take when you offline! I hope everything is okay between the two of you. I 'realY' do Miss her.

    Khayr Inshaa'Allaah. Most probably she's busy.

    btw why did you ask for that post on ta'weel not to be deleted? He's going to past it on post 51 before deleting it. That's what I request. And sister, You really have to work on islaamic terms. Zinaa=fornication, not eternal damnation in hell. It's good that you are taking part in that thread. Atleast I know someone's learning! *Smile*
    Oh okay then, I think it's really beautiful. Try to fish out sometime. Listen to it ( sorry! okay leave it *Smile*)

    We got an answer there. And the answer is "beautiful".

    btw I didn't understand the part where you mentioned Zinaa?

    P.s. How's sister revert. I'm kind of feeling her absence real bad now.
    So why have you not reverted then? *grins* Okay, okay I'm sorry!

    Since you missed it out, I'm to take it that you didn't get time to hear the lecture as yet?
    Oh okay, got it!

    I had a habit of saying "Dang! Darn! Damn!" all in a row. Alhumdulillah that I got over it/

    Btw I was editing my earlier VM when you were replying. Check the edited part *grins*
    No,*confused* can't I say "extremely serious thread"? What's wrong with that?

    I suppose we can, but may be we can't. Oh I don't know, I think it's just public and I've "grown up" now *cool*


    Have you heard the lecture? It's cute isn't it ^_^

    P.S. your profile is a mod zone! Four in the "recent visitors" sidebar!
    moving the finger while pointing it as seeking. . ."


    You've turned that "extremely" serious thread into a nag "seeking Allah's mercy" zone *grins*. We won't have our questions answered, if it continues in this fashion *smile*.

    You are welcome. I am glad to know that I was of help. The purpose of this site is that we learn and share our knowledge, so that's a good thing.

    What do you mean by an Elder having 'crossed over' ? I was not able to follow that part of your post.

    Hope you have a nice day.

    Kareem - Generous
    Mubarak -Congratulations

    They are just popular forms of greeting fellow muslims on occasion of Ramadan . People of different cultures are used to greeting with either one of the greeting.
    ahahahahah!!I already know all sorts of meditations and technics for the deliver,but I never respected them,because there is nothing in that moment that can help me to feel less pain.but I heard that eating dates it's a good thing when the contractions arrive.I saw my baby through the echograph,but I don't still know how she is,because I wait when I'll go to italy.
    salam dear,I'm in good health alhamdulillah.in Morocco it's hot today,maybe there are 35 degrees.do you mean that you want to see the pictures of my children?I didn't undrestand.I'd like to show them on tti,but I wonder if it's a good thing.my little Yusra is growing in my womb,and I'm curious to see her when she'll come to the world.I also hope not to suffer to much:)
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