HAJ NEWS 1444Hijriah/ 2023


More than 2.5 million Muslims are expected to take part, as coronavirus pandemic restrictions in place since 2020 have been fully relaxed.

That year, just 10,000 people were permitted to participate; 59,000 in 2021; and last year there was a cap of one million people.
“I am living the most beautiful days of my life,” Abdelazim, a 65-year-old Egyptian who saved for 20 years to pay the $6000 cost he needed to attend, told the AFP news agency at the site.

On Sunday evening, the pilgrims will begin making their way to Mina, about 8km (5 miles) from Mecca’s al-Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, before they gather at Mount Arafat, where Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is believed to have delivered his final sermon.

Mina is prepared for the pilgrims, with food supplies brought in and security forces deployed.

*Prophet Ibrahim a.s and his son prophet Ismail a.s

Saudi authorities said more than 32,000 health workers and thousands of ambulances are on standby to treat cases of heatstroke, dehydration and exhaustion.

~May Allah s.w.t make it easy for the hujjaj ~Amin!