help...i asked agirl for mariage her family says no

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dear brother and sisters
i m ayoung muslim aged 27 working as a teacher of English . i knew agirl aged 19 .she used to live in my neigbourhood . right now she is living in france with her family there where she si atttending shool . we got acquainted via my sister who knows her well . one day her mother insited on her to accept one of her reatives , her cousin for marriage . the girl refused saying to her family that ther is a man who suggested marriage to me . her family know me well . her mothe opposed her suggestion and insited on the girl to marry her cousin . the contacted me telling me that i should not leave her . she said to me that she will get them convinced to accept our marriage .
i feel lost ..plz send me ur views . may allah bless you all .
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I assume you both are practicing Muslims. If you really intend to marry her then go for it. May Allaah swt bless you both AMEEN.


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You can have some contact with some senior person of that girl's family, such as grandfather or some other people who they might listen to.

Also you did not tell what is the view of that girl's father. If he can support your stance or not.



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If she is a good muslim then go for it, also u should contact her father, brothers, and uncles if they can help u. Marriage cant be valid unles her muhram give u the permission to marry her. Insha allaah pray salat istikhara and allah will guide u. good luck bro.


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A prosper and joyous marriage is one that is blessed...InsyaAllah...
Take the right and proper matter how difficult it is, with perserverance and your believe in God, with prayers, no matter the outcome it will be worth it in the end... :)