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S.A dear sisters and brothers...
If someone knows and explain me , i want to ask a question what makes me think for a long time.
Yesterday i was looking at the Holly Koran. In english version and Russian version.
I was ssuprised that. In surah Baqarah, ayat 256. (2:256) ...
In english qoran (2:256) was in russian Qoran (2:255)
Shouldnt have been the same?
With selam and dua


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walikom salaam brother,

Remember what you have in your hand is only a translation of Quran, its not the Quran it might be a typo or a mistake which is not a big deal but the Quran read in Arabic only, may Allah help you to learn and recite it in Arabic inshallah.

Inshallah you have a good translation, there is some time Ahmediyyah Quran distributed in Russia and other parts..

wa salaam


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Wa alaikumussalaam,

Totally agree with bro MrMuslim there. It's expected that some translations would have errors in it because it's man-made and man-made things are never perfect. So it's really not advised to rely on the translation itself rather always go back to the Arabic text.


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There is a slight difference about the numbering of Ayaths between scholars. There is a group that considers Bismillah as an Ayath and others do not. This could be a probable cause. And Allah knows better


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i can only speak for myself
as i am an arab, i have a lot of trouble reading some books, even understanding many words in Quran, i have to revert to tfseer & at times ask my Sheik.
Even in my mother language(arabic) I struggle as many do, as our current spoken even written language is much different than what the arabs used to speak with.

I can only say that if anyone especially muslims willing to learn the Quran & islamic history,
it is essential that they contemplate learning the language(arabic)

as the lanaguage of Quran nearly loses a lot its 'holiness' for the lack of a better word, when it is not in arabic

my point being these translation can be verified to be completely accurate

best of luck for u 'alisenay' & inshallah u can learn it in arabic


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if the ayah is the same i wouldnt worry much about the number but if i were you i would try to find another translation to be sure.