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sallam allikum. i am 19 years old from canada. i am making intentions to go for ummrah inshallah in december. brothers/sisters could you guys provide me information about the hotels and the location?. i would be greatful of your answer may allah give u all the happiness and blees you :) sallam allkium


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Wa alaikumussalaam,

I don't have any information about that as it may depend on which country but I'd like to welcome you to the website! Inshaa'Allaah our brothers and sisters here can help you.:)


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AssalaamuAlaikum WRWB,

You should find a Hajj/Umrah travel agency in your country. They will offer you a service package (or multiple packages). Once you choose a package of services, they will book your living in a hotel and will arrange your tickets InshaAllah. Further you can ask what kind of hotel they will provide you there and how much distance will it have from the MasjidulHaraam, and other such questions.