How should one deal with an atheist?


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They should at least believe in a higher power!

So God created everything right? So who created God, hahaha you fail!

Allaah has no beginning or end. Allaah CREATED beginning and end!

Some atheists think that the worst crime against God is denying his existence, as if it would affect Him! Actually they are wronging themselves.

They say that religion is all fairy tales. What about the one where there was an explosion? The one that just exploded!



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al salaam aleikum one of my class mates is a very "devout" atheist. He has told me his dark veiw of the world, i dont know how he stands it if i thought like that i would be depressed all the time. On christain in my class has had many debates with him and keeps on failing becuase of the trinity issue.

Anyway this atheists life has been one disaster after another starting from his father commintting suicide when he was born : ( .may Allah have mercy on him