Question: Husband and wife rights. Can a husband hide his actions and whereabouts?


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Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah sister,

Welcome to the site. We can not give extensive answers on such sensitive matters. So it is important to just take these as small pieces of advice from your brothers and sisters in Islam.

Whilst in Islam it is important for the wife to listen to her husband and to trust him, he has to also respect his wife and be clear and open with her on his activities. If those are haram, then the wife has every right to talk to him about it and try to stop him from committing those actions. He does not have a right to hide the wrong things he does, rather the rights are with you because you are married to him.

The fact he is so secretive and behaving suspiciously is what drives you to search his pockets, emails and texts etc. This is a very bad situation to be in. You will have to sit and speak about these matters, it is good to have a neutral person to help such as a trustworthy and knowledgeable Imam who has experience in family matters.

Is he religious and does he pray? Does he provide for you as a husband should ? and does he say he is willing to change and stop the bad things you caught him doing?
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In muslims very important things in house wife is to live for ther children and her husband and also gives every thing to her husband her life also so every body should learn with the muslim. so iam interested to turn to muslim.the ladies give to important in there families.they give good manners to the ladies in the houses when i visit my friend house at manama isaw there how much care they give to thier wife


He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
............. He said that is his right as a husband/man where he is allowed to do anything he wants.

I am a bit confused and I would like to know if this is his right as husband.

Wa aleikum salam
A husband is to be obeyed when he leads a clean life and has good intentions. To be a man does not give him the right to do whatever he wants, just like that.
I guess some small innocent secrets we all have right to have, privacy right, but main thing is to be a good muslim and honest in his actions and to you, that is what gives him the right to be ruler of the family.

~~Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 628
The Prophet (saws) said: ‘Among the Muslims the most perfect, as regards his faith, is the one whose character is excellent, and the best among you are those who treat their wives well.’

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 3252Narrated by Aisha
Allah's Messenger (saws) said, "The best of you is he who is best to his family, and I am the best among you to my family.”

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith
We were sitting with 'Abdullah bin 'Amr who was narrating to us (Hadith). He said that the Messenger of Allah (saws) said: 'The best among you are the best in character (having good manners).' "~~


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Ask him for deleel to his claims of hiding things from you. And if he provides it then you will be fine with it, but if not then he should not make such claims he does not know about. Inshallah, he has some/lots of iman that he says such things to begin with- that is a lot more than most people. Try to go to the mesjid together and increase in knowledge together, it will be a good way for you to spend time together and also increase your knowledge and fear of Allah SWT (to not do wrong things). Chances are he is a good brother, but just likes some privacy sometimes- so don't dwell on it too much especially if you aren't finding anything.

Just be open with him and tell him how you are hurting because of his actions and always be respectful and kind inshallah. Don't be too emotional but speak to him in a clear and logical way, most men this is what they want. He cannot read your thoughts and from the sounds of it isn't the type to dwell on this topic much (like me and most other men). So inshallah be patient sister, inshallah in time you guys will get to know each other a little better and earn more trust for each other.