I need everyones opinion on this


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Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters. :)

I've been working in an islamic wallpaper for quite some time and i just finished it. I'm hoping for some opinions and feedback.



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Very artistic.

My only criticism is that everything is in threes. Makes some people think of the trinity, God forbid. If I may suggest an alternative? Have five leaves, each with one of the phrases you have at the bottom inscribed on them.

:O I never noticed that. Hmm i guess i could change that :) jazakallah for your opinion.

Miss Aaliyah

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Assalamo alaykom,

Very beautiful mashaAllah. The only thing I think of is that the text in Arabic in the bottom should be a little higher up because if you have it as a desktop the bottom line with the clock and everything will hide one cm of the text. And it looks better with a little space in the bottom between the text and the end of the picture.


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May Allah bless your hands, I wish I can see the roots of this tree. Or a sun behind it. But it is lovely. Either way because it has. The almightys words. Can you put. A border. Around it? I just like designs


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:ma::ma::ma::ma: amazing :D i find nothin to critisize :lol: beautiful mashallah :D
can u post some more please? :D
Jzakallah khair


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that's really splendid !!!!

that's really so amazing )))) and subhanaAllah islam supports the aimed atrs that fortify the islamic culture , and i think that we really need to show all the people , one of the islamic culture's fields ... may god bless you !!!! ramadan kareem and greetings from palestine.....


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Your work is beautiful. It's calming, balanced, inspiring. I'm an artist too and I really, really appreciate your work. Your heart comes through. Thank you for sharing this with us.