I officially said Shahada last Sunday


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Assalamu Alaikum everyone,
I wanted to share the good news with ohter members in Turn to Islam. I recited Shahadah in front of a group of sisters last Sunday. Everyone was happy about it, including me. I have been warmely welcome by the muslim community.


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mashAllah my respected sister..congratulation to urs revertion to islam
i m blessed to congratulation you ist..

with love and respect as urs brother

urs bro

:salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah:

ibn azem

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wa alaykum salaam sister,

Alhamdulillaah (praise belongs to Allah) for giving the guidance and the gift of Islam sister.

Allahu akbar
Allahu akbar
Allahu akbar

You are warmly welcomed from us all here.:SMILY139:

may Allah (swt) reward you with the best in this life and the next insha'Allah.



Assalamu alaikum

Allahu akbar
Most welcome to islam sister. It is a great change and most certainly a positive change and insha allah (allah willing) you will feel the difference in your daily life as the days go by and I am sure you must have already felt the beauty of eeman.
May allah bless you and give you happiness of this world and hereafter and make the reversion easy for you.

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Assalamu alaikum Dear Sister in Islam,

Congratulations!!!! You have just been born! I ask Allah SWT to increase your love for Islam and increase your knowledge. Welcome, and we`re looking forward to learning from your experience.


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Congratulations sister

May Allah increase you in faith, knowledge and wisdom, and make all things easy for you In-Shaa-Allah

All the best


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asalamo alaikom

very happy to hear this good news
alhamdulilah, may Allah make it easy for you
don't forget us in your prayers

asalamo alaikom
Assalamo Alaikoum Wa Rahmato Allah Wa Barakatuh
:ma: Macha'Allah sister you did the right thing
We too we are happy
Good luck


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Masha'Allah. Welcome to Islam. May Allah guide you as He wills and show you more truth as your journey grows. Allahu Akbar. Alhamdulillah. congrats
you are in my prayers sister.


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Welcome to Islam sister may Allah bless you and benifit with you this religion. Don forget to make dawah to islam to your family if u can or anyone u know =D May Allah grant you firdos (the highets rank in paradise) =D


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So happy to see another sister join our beautiful religion. I hope your life will be fullfilled and you will finally have peace in your heart.


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salamallah alayki: it really made my heart very happy to hear about your shahada. ishaa allah you will be one of the best in islam w/a lot of iman and knowledge. may allah keep in right path and his guidance. assalam.


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As Salaamun Aleykum Wa Rahmetullah,

congratulations sister Carole! I'm so happy that you accept the true religion of ALLAHu subhane wa teala. :) :allahuakbar:

fiy amanillah

Wa Salaamun Aleykum Wa Rahmetullah