i wore the niqab alhamduliallah taala


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mashaa allah congratulation it is very good news
لبست جديدا و عشت حميدة و مت شهيدة
Allah bless you sister


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salam alikum wa rahmatu allah taala wa barakatuh,

ameen toma ammeen to your dou'a dear sisters , may allah reward you with the higtest rank in al jannah


La Illaha Illa Allah
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Salaamalaykum respected sister,

It's a very pleasant news that you have decided to practice Niqab to seek the pleasure of Allah azz zawajal. I pray that Allah subhaanahu waa ta'ala accepts from you & rewards you abundantly for your noble deed Ameen.

Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi


Salam to All

MashaAllah.....Alhamdulillah.....May allah guide all of our sisters like this....Ameen
Jazakallahu khairn


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salam alikum wa rahmatu allahi taala wa barakatuh,

ammeen toma ammen to your dou'a dear brothers , may allah aceept our good deeds and forgives those bad ones ammen , and make al firdaous al aa'la our placze in al jannah and all muslims ammen


Assalaam walaikum,

Sister you humble me. Your courage motivates me to do that which is written. May Allah reward you.