Video Islam French woman talks about becoming Muslim and Marriage


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salamo alaikom wa rahato allahi wa barakatoho

salamo elislam alaikom;

I'm an algerian muslum, i'd talking about islam with any muslum who look to found a daughter of islam
your daughter in islam



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thank you sister you have chosen the trait path.

inchallah God grants you aljanna(heaven):tti_sister: :tti_sister:


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Alhamdullilah she found Islam in her own time. Now only if we could get this out on Fox News to counter act their portrayal of why women come to Islam! :hijabi:



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asalam alaykom

i m a morocan i like so much talk with brothrs and sistres but i cant speak correctly englich i can speak french and arab reyly its a great probleme for me .....والسلام


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Merci bien ma soeur pour ta sincérité je vie en france et je n'ai pas vraiment croisé beaucoup de fille comme toi.

Que de dieu te benisse.....!


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slamwalikum brothers & sister

slam walikum i welcome all the new musilm & all musilm may allah accept from us , frogive us & guide to right path.