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  • :salam2:

    You are not the first who is thinking same; many believes that I am Palestinian. I use this name (Harb) because it really is my family name, I have been married with Palestinian from Harb family.

    Also thats why I post so much about Palestinian issues. :shymuslima1:
    wa alikom salam,

    I can't spend much time on here anymore. So yeah thanks for your welcome and thinking of me brother :)
    Alhamdulelah i'm good, how about you? hope ramadan is going well for you.

    salam alikom
    Wa`alaykum us-salaam

    Sorry akhi, I feel bad now. I was gonna reply but you see, I log on then log off and lately I've been away from TTI. I'm checking you're PM now and will get back to you soon inshaa' Allaah. :)
    Wa'alaykummusalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    Likewise to you and your family, akhi.

    May we gain the best from Ramadhaan and make ourselves a better person than before. Ameen.

    Asslam'u alykum brother,

    A very Blessed Ramadan to you as well :) May Allah Azwajal answer all your prayers and wishes. Ameen.
    Assalamou Alikom Wrahmatou Allah dear brothers and sisters,
    Ramdan Moubarak inchAllah.

    Salam Brother,

    Glad that you are OK and sorry I misunderstood you. I thought that you are living in Kashmir. My mistake :)

    Ramadan Moubarak inchAllah

    wa`alaykum us-salaam

    I'm good alhamdulillaah, thanks for checking, how are you? No akhi, I temporarily moved to Egypt from London, never lived in Kashmir, only spent holidays there....

    My matlab days are over, my program/experiment was a success and all praise is to Allaah...
    Salam Brother,
    MashAllah, you've moved from Kashmir to Egypt .. I guess it was a quite an experience !!! :)
    Same here ...I'm no longer in France I moved to the east :D and InchAllah if everything goes well I'm planning to move a little bit to the north soon :D
    Glad to hear that you have learned MatLab...I told you last time it's so easy to learn..the difficulty comes only from what you are going to use it for.
    As far as I remember you are using MatLab for image processing issues. Unfortunately that's very far from my field of expertise. I can probably tell where the coding problems and bugs are but I can not tell you if the hole script is correct or not.

    Wa`alaykum us-salam warahmatullaah

    Expert??? Far from it lol.

    I went to live in Egypt, so I didn't touch it for ages. In fact, I only started using it again in January, and then again in March. You know, I've learned that its a useful language that is fairly easy to learn, but is used for some really complex things... I actually like it now, but I'm still pretty useless with it.

    Maa shaa' Allaah, Allaah has decreed us to meet again just days before my final deadline, so I'm hoping this is a sign that you know why my code isn't working lol. I just saw your name and thought, "The brother has been away and is back... What a coincidence!?"

    So what have you been upto. By the way, I appreciate your messages while I was in Egypt, as I said earlier, I was very busy and hardly on the net...
    Assalamou Alikom dear brother,
    Thank you very much for your message.
    InchAllah everything is OK. Just Ups and downs like everyone else I guess :)
    I've been away for a quite long time but inchAllah I'm back now.
    How about you Akhi ? How's life ? and how's MatLab? :D

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