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  • Aslamu alaikum sister. Long time no see (online) lol I hope everything is well with u and inshallah u have a blessed eid!

    Allah bless u and ur family!

    aslamualaikum dear saba jaan
    eela laram che kha ba ye inshallah.
    Allah de ta au stata atool khanadan pa akhpal hifz o aman ke o satee ameen.
    everythings fine alhamdulillah.
    and what about you
    hope inshallah you are fine.
    i wanted to say Eid mubarak to you.
    well, Eid Mubarak to You and Your family especially moor jaan
    Assalamu alaykum Saba Baji.
    How are you? How did your papers go?
    I hope everything is alright at your end.
    wal;aikumaslam dear saba,
    surprised???????????????? i am shocked man! even Mesbah didnt tell me about u.well,khair da ka late u kho biya hum droost u;(
    Alhumdulillah i have been keeping well lately.... previously.. not so good lol :D

    Joking.. Alhumdulillah... and how are you ?
    Saba.. nice name ukhit :) MashaAllah

    Take care
    Lol! I am *blushing*... :D

    Oh, its So bad that you are stuck up with the university.... heck! this life is tough! :(

    Yeah I am "finally" free.... can't still believe it...
    My exams Alhamdulillah went good... Just hope that the result comes out to be good....
    Asalamu alaikum Saba baji!
    How are you doing?? How is the weather? has the extreme heat subsisded yet?? Well, here in Pakistan, the awfull summer has started with load shedding!! ARGH!!
    Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that my cursed exams have finally finished....:) But I still have NO holidays.... how Bad!!

    All the best sister,
    Salam sister and friend how are you?

    Just visiting your profile...

    Well take care and may Allah bless.
    Assalamu alaikum!!!

    DO NOT APOLOGIZE!!! okay....??
    Hehheeh! Its so good to finally hear from you... I missed you ALOT.... really not joking..:)
    UFFFF......My exams have still not finished yet... going to finish on 18th .... God knows when will that blessed day arrive!! I am sooo tired...
    I am Alhamdulillah doing great ... and my family as well.... i hope that you and your family are in the best of health and spirits as well.....
    InshaAllah after 18th..... I will have a LONGGGGGGGGGG chat with you... (If you want to, ofcourse..)...untill then I can't sit on the computer for even 15 minutes....

    I seriously have NO idea what I have written ... I am a little disturbed in the mind!!!
    Gotta rush now.
    thaks a lot for asking about me and JazakAllah and Ameen to ur kind Duas.. Ameen.
    All the best to u... wassalam
    assalamualaikum dear sister,
    jazakallah for ur invitation
    hope u will be doing fine.jazakallah again.
    hope to know more about u.
    i love to know about my sisters all over the world.we are tied up by global sisterhood.
    May Allah make me as good as you thought about me and forgive me about which you do not know about me.

    My offer is there as long as I am here in Australia dear sister. I got to go now...very late now It's 1:30 AM (I know your time is four hours behind ours) Will see you insha Allah next time. May Allah bless you with verything good you wish for

    Wa Alaikum Salam,
    Thats alright...atleast we are in the same country. I might come sometime to Perth OR you can visit me anytime in Melbourne. At least we found another place in Australia to visit without any passport or visa. It is not hot in Melbourne
    That's what I thought i.e, it is for Hayat Yahya..but this came to me :) No problem...We both are now in her friendship list OR she is mutual friend of both of us :) so this way we communicated. May Allah bless her. So you also from pakistan and live in Australia?
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