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As Salaamu Alaykum
I'm a revert and my "Muslim name" is Zulfiqar Abdullah. "Zulfiqar" was the famed sword of Ali (RA) and "Abdullah" means "slave of Allah".

Maria Norway

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HI my name is Maria...its the name my mother gave me when I was baptised as a christian..

..You don't have to change you're name if you become a muslim (forgive me if im wrong..Allah knows best)..but I knwo many people do it to 1. Remind themselves they are muslim and should behave accordingly, and kinda like a new beginning sort of thing 2. to identify themselves as muslims

When I became a muslim (about 3 weeks ago) I didnt change my name..because my mother who i love so much gave me my name..and Alhamdulilah..I found out that 1 of the prophets (SAW) wives was called maria (think she was from egypt..)




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My name is Amany, a name of a female. It means good wishes and hopes. I like it because my late dad chose it for me and he was sooooo close to me. I really miss him


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My name is Rosheen!

It means Rose in gaelic (mum is Irish) dad is English and asked her to change the spelling. The real way to spell my name is Roisin which looks like guess my dad was clever to change the spelling lol

I am a revert and have decided to keep my name as it has no religious connotations, and for for the lday not sure about changing name;

my imam said it could be kept; its not obligatory unless its an obviously un-Islamic name such as Christine!!!

Maria - name is similar to really has the same meaning so i guess it could be kept!


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Faruq Abdurrashid WILL be my Muslim name, inshallah. Faruq means "One who distinguishes truth from falsehood." and Abdurrashid means "Slave of the Guide, the Infallible Teacher and Knower."

I chose it because in my Catholic theology class asserted that "Jesus was the truth, the way, and the light." They said there was truth in other religions, but Jesus was the ultimate truth. When I read the Qur'an and went to the Mosque I discerned the truth for myself, through Allah. Slave of the Guid, the Infallibe Teacher and Knower is an expression of my love and pursuit of knowledge. :)


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Assalamu aleikum

My name is Aya. It means a sign or a miracle. My mom told me that when she was pregnant of me, one night she was reciting surat Maryam and she came to the aya that says: " ..Rabbe eja’lli aya...." "رب اجعلي آية" means: " Please, Lord, give me a sign"... She didn’t hear before that name for a girl, and she decided to give her coming baby that name, if the baby was a girl... And, alhamdulillah, I came :-D and my name is Aya..

I like my name, alhamdulillah.


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My name is Jana which means God is gracious, thanks mummy you gave me a nice name


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can anyone help me!

My name is Tariq Shu-aib and I would like to know the how to write my name in arabic... i would be very grateful for any assistance

Thank you,


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Aslam Alykum
may name is Hussam adin means (Saber of islam) my mum gave me this name after she saw a dream about me and i was called hussam adin in that dream.
TarigShuaib your name written in arabic just like this طارق (traqic) شعيب (Shuaib).


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:salam2: brothers and sisters.this how I got my names:
My mother named me bocar which means Abu bakr,one of the companions and closest friend of our beloved prophet muhammad(peace and blessings upon him)
My father named me Ndiogou which means Malick and this is the name I got called upon here in the U.S,it means sovereign,master, speakers correct me if I'm wrong lol.


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My name is UZMA عظمى
originally they wanted to call me Ozma, but then changed it because my grandma liked uzma, and i agree with my grandma


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walaikum assalam.

my name, hieu, means loyal and obedient to one's parents in vietnamese. i'm known as hieuky, though. and i thought about sticking my islamic name to mariha which means cheerful, but i don't know what happened. :O