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Zainab 1986

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Alsalamalikoum dear sisters and brothers...
hope every1 doing well...
Im a new member in this web site and i feel like im lost little bit...
My name is Zainab im originaly from Oman but im studying now in Australia ( melnourne) and my first language is Arabic not English so sorry about any mistake =)

Hope to be a useful person to all of you inshalla...


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Hello, and greetings. Your English is just fine... why, you're using contractions and even substituting a number for a word like an experienced text messager! I've seen some English speakers write worse!

It's a great opportunity you have to study overseas. Make the most of it!

Anyway, God Bless you, and and your feelings of being lost dissapate.


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Wa alaikumussalaam sister Zaina,

Ahlan wa sahlan! May you benefit from this site and hope to see you around more often Inshaa'Allaah. :)


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salam aleikum sister
welcome to the site
Happy to have u here with us
Enjoy your stay

waaleikum salam


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salam sister
n welcome to tti family.
hey sister ur english is ok.
no problem with ur english.
my english is also weak.
well welcome to site n feel free to ask.

Angela Hillyer

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Salam Alaikom

Welcome to the site and Australia. I also live in Australia but in Queensland. How do you like it in Australia so far. I think this site is great and Inshallah it should help you alot as it has help me. There is always threads worth reading and they will help you to gain more knowledge Inshallah.

And by the way, your English is good for a beginner. Keep it up!!



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:salam2: my little sister welcome to we are all diffrent people who are united togeather by our religion. we only have two things that are constant your religion and us your family.


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Asalam Walikum sister,

Welcome to the site...Inshallah you will enjoy your stay here..
And your english is good Mashallah worries :)
Take care,



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Welcome to TTI

It’s nice to have u join this lovely community.

Insha Allah u benefit from us as we from u.

Enjoy ur stay Insha Allah,

Take Care,

happy 2 b muslim

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mashallah salam alaykum sister have you seen Bilal assad only joke everything i heard the city i think of him, hez my fav lecture inshallah dunno why may allah bless us all