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Alhamdulillah ( Praise Be to Allah) !!!!!!!! May Allah (swt) Help All Our Brothers and sisthers In Palastine !..............Ameen


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Palestine guys praying at Israel army base after they were arrested by Israel army
:ma: they show love to allah and that allah is first then them, may allah keep people in palestine onthe right path and everyone else who is suthering every day


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Islam is a huge gift from God to man kind

Islam is a gift from God to man knd, if the israeli can get rid the veil from their heart they may fight muslims in order to embarace islam, and they will blame muslims to don't help them to find out islam earlier.


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they can take everything away from us even our freedom, but inshallah they will never take away our faith...
Allah, help those muslims being oppressed around the world...
Mashallah, for these people that were able to stand up for what they knew they must...


Signing Out.....

May Allah help our Brothers and Sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and around the world.



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Allahu Akbra,

Mashallah, Subhanallah, these people are suffering over there but they still believe in Allah swt and they still pray for him, for they know that life is short and that the jannah is the best place to be in. May allah help them and protect them and May allah grant victory to us over the oppressors. Ameen



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May Allah swt help our brother & sister in Palestine,keep their strengh of eeman.
I always make doa for them everytime after solat.May Allah swt hear our dua'.