Politics in Islam According to the Quran and Sunnah

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This is Day 2 of A Lecture Shaykh Khalid Al-Anbaree Gave yesterday At masjid Ibnu taymiyah (Brixton Masjid) and will insha-Allah post todays one later on.

The shaykh Talks about Modern day Political Groups, Jihad in Iraq, Palestine etc...

Please Download andlisten to this lecture. Very beneficial and Evidences presented from Quran and Authentic Sunnah and Athaar

It's translated sentence by sentence also.

Click Here to Listen/Download Day:2 Recorded:20 Dec 2006

Click Here to Listen/Download Day:3 Part:1 Recorded:21 Dec 2006

Click Here to Listen/Download Day:3 Part:2 Recorded:21 Dec 2006

Day:3 Part:1 Shaykh Talks about the different Islamic groups and how they occured and what all Muslims should follow and the mean of uniting.

Part: 2 . islamic Organizations that call people to revolt against goverments and the correct stance to take regarding Oppressive goverments and leaders according to Quran & Sunnah.

The history of when islamic Revolts began. The first group in Islam to revolt against Muslims.

Why muslims should not Revolt against Muslim Leaders, when Muslims should revolt against muslim leaders.

How did Ibnu Taymiyah treat the Evil of the Mongals.

How the Companions and the Tabi'een Deal with Corrupt leaders.

The condition of the Taliban and the Somalians its fruits today.

Is it beter to have a Muslim Leader or not to have one at all?


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The Shaykh Khalid was presented with the following questions which he answered in Today’s lecture: (Day:3)

1. What is the Statements of the Awlamah Regarding Yazid ibnu Mu'awiyah?
2. Can We Say Saddam Hussain is a Kafir?
3. Some Particular Countries Airlines Prohibit Salah & fasting what's the ruling concerning this?
4. Is it Permissible to pray in a Place where you can hear Music etc?
5. Is it not considered to be a Party/Group calling one self a Salafi?
6. Whats the Difference in the Methodology of Muhammad Suroor and Ikhwan al-Muslimoon?
7. Do People have to Obey the Leader Who comes to Power by force?
8. Do Muslims have to Obey a Leader who has been Put in Power by The Kufaar?

Click Here to Listen To The Questions And Answers Session to Day:3


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JazaaKAllah Akhi, I think I will download this, give it a listen. May Allah reward you for sharing. :)



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Maa shaa Allaah, I was listening to this series a while back. What I also liked was that the translation was done phrase by phrase, a bit like when Shaykh Falaah came down to East London recently, as others in the past have done.

It's interesting that the Messenger, sal-Allaahu `alayhi wasallam, and his companions would wait to here the adhaan before determining if that daar was a daar ul-islaam or daar ul-kufr, yet the ignorant ones cause destruction by inspecting the hearts of the rulers etc!

An excellent seminar, may Allaah reward the Shaykh, the brother translating and all those who assisted in this reaching us.

Happy 2BA Muslim

Aslaaamu Alaykum akhi,
JazakhAllah khairen for sharing this with us. I have one request of you brother, is there anyway that you can direct me to more authentic material regarding these issues as there is much confusion with me due to talking to some of the like of HT etc. BarakAllah feek.



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Assalamu Alaykum!
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