post ur DESKTOP here


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this is mine at work



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salalm bro abdullah
how do u make the pic ,huge ??? :eek:

salam alaykum..

go to desktop then click on "impr ecran" it s french here, the botton is next "f12" then go to paint programme, right click then paste. u will have the whome desktop there, save the image then upload on net like in this website . then u will have the link for the pic.



Here to help
yes i use it as desktop...i do not know how to copy the desktop with icons and also it is better to put it like this cuse others can use it...
salam sis hayat..
to copy yr desktop screen u av t press the button that says:
"Print Screen
Sys Rq"

sumin like dis anyway .. that button copies the screen yr on .. and you can go into paint .. photoshop anything and paste ... waslam
PS. inshallah u find it usefull for future work
PPS. that button is like= copy page :)
PPPS. u can find the button sumwer on top right side of da keyboard :)lol