post ur DESKTOP here


Penguin fancier
My latest. And last for a while



Top Panel: Gnome/XFCE4 style panel with icons for Show desktop, Pager (virtual desktop switcher), Tasktray (taskbar with icons instead of text), SCROT screenshot application, ROX Weather utility, ROX Postal mail alert utility, Rox Systray and Rox Miniclock time and date utility.

Pinboard: Wallpaper made in MTPaint using the bacteria plugin and greyscale.

Bottom Panel: RISC OS style Icon bar with: Applications folder icon, Home folder icon, CDROM folder icon and Trash folder icon (left) and launchers for: XaraLX vector graphics editor, MTPaint bitmap editor, Scribus desktop publisher, Gnumeric spreadsheet application, Abiword word processing application, AddApp zero install utility and ROX Session utility.

All panel icons are from the ROX-Icon set. Window manager is XFWM4 with RISC OS skin, user interface is XFCE style.


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QUOTE=Faisal_01;173922]oh I forgot to add, after you press the print screen sysrq key, you have to open an image editing software like Photoshop or Windows paint. After that, paste it on the screen and save it out as a jpeg. After that upload that jpeg as you normally would.


salam sister..

well am using AVG antivirus; it s simple easy and good..

while u re on desktop press on printscreen then go to paint programme, paste it there then save ur image on desktop.. go to this website then uplaod ur pic in internet for having a link for ur pic..

then post it here..

gd luck


Thanks brothers for that
Well i struggled but here we go
This is my current desk top
It changes daily since i use Magentic

Hope you like it
Fi Amanni Allah


Strangers on earth

It seems that i just cant paste the oicture on the forum
i will try again


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Penguin fancier


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Penguin fancier
Here's one using iceWM

Clean and busy versions.


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