--- Pray with Imam at Home --- from FAJR TO ISHA + D/L Cyber Salat


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--- Pray at Home without making mistake on your salat --- Fajr to Isha

THERE WILL NO MORE PRAY AT HOME AUDIO...... Because I think i am making a mistake.

Thanks you...... Allah forgive for my mistake. and everybody's else mistake. who i made them make this mistake.

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u mean we play this thing and we follow thsi cyber imam to pray???

if that is the case well i am so sorry to tell u that it is a huge mistake ur commiting...there is no such thing as following cyber imam...

if u hv videos on how to teach others to pray,then it is fine..but telling them to follow thsi cyber imam and u can pray at home and do not need to go to mosque...it is just deviating the whole teaching of islam...

it is enough of us being too lazy and we do not need to add to the list..

u should as the mod to delete this thread or u change the whole concept of it :SMILY259::SMILY259:


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Sister revert2007 is right. The salah is not valid behind an Imaam who isnt physically present in the place where you are praying. That means that you can't pray behind an imaam listening to radio, audio CD, web streaming or tv channel.

The Imam has to be present in the place where you are praying. In case of women praying behind an Imam, there can be a barrier used for separation of genders. Also everyone following behind should be able to hear the recital of the Imam.



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Read this Akhi..

Whoever wants to pray in a mosque in congregation has to go to the mosque, because if he follows the imam in his home this is NOT prayer in congregation, even if he can see the imam and congregation. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) has spoken in detail on this issue.

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Hi i am learning to make salaat insh-Allah 5 times a day and so is my family. we work very hard and have no time to visit the mosque 5 times a day and we relied on cyber salaat to teach us how to make salaat. i just dont understand why one could not use this software as a tool not so much as a imam. i am turkish but never prayed now at 37 my wife at 33 and my duaghter 16 and son 10 we have started to make salaat, but none of us came from a practising background in fact my wife is a revert to islam. my point is we can read as many books as we want but it still doesnt teach us how to say what we need to while we make salaat. it is hard for a none araboc speaking brother or sister to memorise duas and say them right. sorry if i have upset anyone by saying these things, but these are just my views on a you could say new to our din. May ALLAH forgive us all..