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^LoL Seriously? LoL not until I'm past20 Alhamdulillah. But American kids are known to have kids when they're 15-17, and they start families and relationships whe nthey're not even married, ew, disgusting.

LoL I was thinking about my Science Fair project that I'm gonan have to do in May (it's a thing that's done in our district board of education) and I was thinking of talking about and experimenting using some metals that send of sparks when they react with water or fire Subhanallah.

And my friend wants to make an invention that's like a recon drone that you ca nremote controol to fly and stuff, while I'm telling him that he can make a small boat made of water proof (mostly has a wax coating) kind of paper and then stick the fans motor at a tilt so part of it is in the water so it can go like a toy boat and go around in water.


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good idea.
but were is yr question
?????????????????????:lol: person,when walking on pavement tries to avoid the cracks :lol: :)pmee,wen im bored only :D)


i wonder if this person...

good idea.
but were is yr question
?????????????????????:lol: person,when walking on pavement tries to avoid the cracks :lol: :)pmee,wen im bored only :D)

I do that sometimes, but then sometimes it becomes an obsession!

Next person wonders what the TTI members look


slmz!! i am here!! loll!1 :D :D :D
you forgot your prediction aswell bro/sis!! okii here goes....
the next prson to post will be bro/sis meer inshallah!


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My Sister Muslimah:hijabi:...Masha'Allah.. meant that Brother Meer Suhail would be the next to post Insha'Allah. I think that maybe the next person to post will post With the thought of keeping these predictions Rolling Insha'Allah...


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Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaah,

Sorry I have to close the thread now. Sometimes, we tend to forget the difference between guessing and predicting. I know this thread don't mean to foretell or what but to play safe, better to end it Inshaa'Allaah. Please don't hesitate to send me PM or other mods if you have further questions.

Jazaakumullaahu khayran
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