Prophet Muhammad (S)- poem

Umm Aysha

*Strive for Jannah*
When truth was lost and hearts frozen
from You, Allah came a Prophet, chosen.
Blessed Prophet Muhammad, obedient to You
taught us the things we ought to do.

He taught us for certain that You are One
and that You have neither a daughter nor son.
He taught us to be good to our mother and father
and that Paradise lies under the feet of our mother.

I love you my Prophet and sing your praise
and follow your Sunna, Prophetic Ways.
One day I will come to visit your tomb
Insh'Allah, that day will be very soon.



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The final prophet Mohammad :saw:
the example for the people to learn from and follow to get closer to their lord till the day of judgement..
what a leader what a teacher what a person what a husband
what a father what a relative and what a winner of hearts
what a servant to the Lord what a joiners to the broken nations
what a visionary what a thinker what a prophet as a mercy to the suffering mankind :saw: