Salam Brothers and Sisters!


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Salam Alakum! I found this website about a week ago, and love it! I am a revert of almost a year. I had studied every major religion in the world but Islam and was to be honest afraid God would punish me somehow for reading the Quran!? A friend I had known for several years asked me to read Surah Al-Kaf and within a couple of weeks I had read the entire Quran and listened daily to Shaik Yusuf Estes on youtube! It only took about 2 months for me to say my Shahada! Islam was what I had been searching for all along and fear and ignorance had kept me from it. May all of you be blessed as Allah has blessed me!


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Wa`alaykum us-salaam.

Maa shaa Allaah! That is great news. Welcome to the site and welcome to the family.