Social networking site for muslims

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Assalamu 'alaykum

JazaakumAllaahu khayran for your good intentions with regards to this thread. However, we don't usually allow outgoing links on TTI. Even though I don't doubt the goodness that can come potentially off something such as this, at the same time it is not devoid of its flaws. And since we can't moderate, or account for such potential problems, we're very cautious about websites since the responsibility will fall on our shoulders.

We encourage people to continuously strive and go towards what is best, but at the same time remember in ANY social networking site, facebook, myspace, here on TTI or even any other 'Muslim' oriented sites that Allaah is watching. I see many times people use it incorrectly speaking freely with the other gender, commenting on each others pictures, leaving 'sweet' messages from men to women such as "I miss you" etc Astagfirullah! Problems arise from people themselves often, and not the portal used to put themselves out there.

May Allaah protect us and save us from such fitan, and cleanse our intentions for wherever and whatever we do.

Not open for further replies.