Video The Life of Cat Stevens and How he Became Muslim.


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[imgleft][/imgleft]The Life of Cat Stevens and How he Became Muslim. This Documentary follows the life of Yusuf Islam, from his family background, early years through to the work he does today. It is a nice documentary which shows how a famous Pop Star became Muslim. His family and other people from the music industry are interviewed.



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SUPER video!!!


I was searching for how to spell Cat Steven's new name, and came across his video....

This video is great about his life from a child to now.....thank you for having this to view.


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Assalamu Alaikum



:ma: :ma: :ma: :ma:

May Allah(Swt) guide all of us to the right path (AMEEN)

Jazzak-Allah khair for sharing the video with us!:biggrin:

:wasalam: :)


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jazakallah!!for the video...i was always curious to know about yusuf islam life story..its a great story for sure..:)thanks for sharing with everyone...may Allah bless all!!ameen...:)


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The First Love ... is the deepest

:ma: eversince I was a young boy I loved Yusuf's, ex-cat's songs... They seem to spring out from a true-believing heart...& the news to hear he was converted to Islam had really strengthened this respect & love ..he's a brother :ma: :salah:
...Islam is getting powerful with such men...started with Omar...Khaled Ibn Waleed...Mohamed ali Clay.. Cat and all other brothers and sisters in isalm...May Allah keep us on the right path and let's enjoy a place near his Beloved prophet Mohamed (PBOH) . Ameen Ya Rab El Alameen.​
. as Tru Muslims...let the Love of our Prophet of Allah be the first's true the deepest​


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MAshAllah ..... and thank you very much for posting the video, i wish such videos would be shown in Islamic countries like Pakistan and we who are born Muslims learn to be a true Muslim from brothers and sisters who have braced Islam.


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al salamo alaykom brthers and sisters, sobhan allah lathdy men ahbebta aleek,in allah yahdy men yeshaa, as most of you know cat stevnson was a big hit in the 70's , but look at this famouse and walthy man who gave all that up , for the nemat of islam, allaho akber wa alhamdo lelah.


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al salamo alykom amena, sister i think you have a very good point here , i feel sorry for those who born muslim and dont know it , and trye there best to be like those who missguided ,we realy need this kind of video to posted not only in pakestan but in every muslim country, just to show those who born muslim how lucky they are.


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Asalamu alaykum,
Thank you much for showing the video. As an artist, this has helped me understand how i can manage my creative talents while also being the best muslim i can be. Inshullah i will find the right ways to use my talents.
Thank you.


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I am Proud to be a muslim!!! MAshallah lotzz of ppl becam muslim in the world I AM happy!!!:tti_sister: z I pray 4 god whenever i do my salah to make the missguided to turn to islam.


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a happy 14 year old muslim girl

salamu allaikum my name is magda im very glad and happy to see cat stevens turn into a muslim thankyou for showing this video inshallah all of the people will:hearts: become muslim ameen


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Yusuf Islam is certainly an inspiration for muslims all around the world. one that has followed his heart and acted accordingly subhanAllah. may Allah SWT grant him all the reward he deserves for the sincere dedication and commitment he has serving mankind - ameen!!
we should all make duah many more follow in his ways, muslims are in desperate need for help globally.

Yusuf Islam-a living legend


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hamdolilah raby al alamin wassalato wassalamo ala rassolina mohammed salla laho alayhi wassalam... thak you for the good video, you know i'M SO HAPPY FOR YUSSOF TO BE MUSLIM, hamdolilah for it... i have no more comment brothers, it's a great example for everyone who has dopped about islam...salamoalaykom warahmatolahi tahala...:SMILY209: :salah: :salah: :SMILY206: :SMILY206: :shahadah: :hawla:

sister nadia

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salamun alayk..

the video inspires me to use whatever talents i have and maximizing my potential capabilities to the fullest...i really wish to be like him,insyaAllah..

n yeah...famous and wealth are not everything in life but they can be very influential tools to spread the words of Allah