Video The Life of Cat Stevens and How he Became Muslim.


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mashALLAH ......surely people like yusuf islam surely make muslims all over the proud indeed......may ALLAH bless him....

Subhanallah,Inakah latahdee man ahbabt ina Allah yahdee man yashah!!!
(You don't guide who you love,Allah gides who he wants)
Mashallah:ma:, it's really amazing 2 see them convert and be enlightened with the true path


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As salam 'alaikum,

I have for a long time considered brother Yusuf's story to be very inspiring and warming. I often feel a connection to him in terms of his search that went on for years as mine did. Alhamdulillah we both found al Islam and learned a way to connect to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala that is like nothing any religion can even claim. :):)

Wa salam.