The Prophet's Sense of Humour

the only truth

striving for jannah
Jazakallah for sharing.............we muslims need to lighten up, smile more often, its a form of giving dawah...insha-allah we should all try harder.


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Jazakumullahe Shukrallakum,
This is fantastic. Believe me, I had never heard or read anything of the sort anywhere in any Islamic literature. And I often wondered as to why is'nt there any humour in our Islamic books & stories. We need more & more of this, rather lots and lots of this. But PLEASE, contributors should make sure
(100%) that all material is "ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC" and 100% Verified and all the sources to be Quoted as in case of all mustanad Ahadith.
Anyway it was a pleasant , refreshing & exhilarating experience.


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my fellow members?I have a question.If one perform tahajud at night and after finishing does not observer fajr because he/she must have aslept.My question is weather he/she will have the reward for tahajud?please help


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joking with true words...


:hijabi: thank u for the very benefit articel.
i hv a friend who is very good in daawah. she sometimes use jokes to attrack us on doing something ;)

making humour sometimes really help to overcome worries :muslim_child:
but yes, its only the truth should being said of course :hearts:


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saying true even in jokes...


:hijabi: thank u soo much brother for the very benefit info.
yes, thats what absolutely we should hv nowadays since life had turn to b so misrable sometimes!!!

da'awah through humour really helps i think so let us practice it and insyaAllah just the true words of course :muslim_child:


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MashaAllah such a beautiful thread! I read it out to my whole family and we all had a good laugh about it.

Alhamdulillah we are Muslims.