Tips for Beginning to Wear Hijab


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found this and i thought it was a pretty good demo for beginners: (lol this lady is a lil strange but no matter!)



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its Advised for you, that video showing how wearing hijab is not good becouse the hijab not by this way and the clothes of that women is not for muslem women another thing any one use images near her\his name should be know that Not allowed (haram) in islam.
thanks for all


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this is a geat is really inspiring thank you so much may allah guide us all ameen


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salamualaikoum sister,

First a warm welcome to you from turntoislam members as you are a newly registred member. I read what ya have written and i liked the questions you posed, becoz as muslim girls we need to get answers to them. As a muslim girl who reads about islam and who knows something about islam, it is my duty to enlight you with the small knowledge that i have in my mind about this fantastic religion.I will try to do my best to make you sister get convincing answers to your questions. Your first question was about the age in which a girl starts wearin Hijab, well, there is no narration from the prophet about a specified age for wearing Hijab, alla what the prophet peace be upon him said is that once the girl is grown up and starts having her menstrial period, at this stage she is no more concidered as a kid, she is a young lady who may attract men, so in this respect she needs to cover her beautiful body.
As for your second question sister, you said that some researchers claimed that its very important for human to be exposed to sunlight; my reply to this dear sister is that those researchers are not more knowledgeable than ALLAH swt and his messenger peace and blessing be upon him. I want you to always remember that Hijab is Farida, it is commanded by ALLAH, and as muslims we have nothing to do but obeying ALLAH's command and at the same time having trust in him, becoz ALLAH will never do something bad to his servants. He is the most knowledgeable and for sure if Hijab was going to harm us He the almighty would not command it.
the last point ya asked was about sports, my answer to ya is that islam did not forbid sports , on the contrary the Prophet peace be upon him encouraged muslims to practice sports. You think that wearing Hijab will not allow ya to practice ur favorite sport which iw raning, well my reply to this is that there is a narration in which it is said that our Prophet peace be upon him and his wife Aicha they used to run and compete each other, and that Aicha used to win , but later on when she got fat the Prophet won. so by this narration it clear that islam does not prohibit runin coz Aicha used to go with Prophet outside their house and practice their game. She used to do this wearing her hijab and there is no narration in which it is said that she lost because of her clothes. As for the tight clothes, ya can sear them under ur short jilbab inorder to absorb the sweat. the jilbab must at least reach your knees, i think if its like this it will help you run. Another important thing that you need sister to put into concideration is that if you run ya may attract man more than if you are walkin, always remember that men are watchin ya and watching your body and trying to discover its buty, so plz dont give anybody whom so ever he is this opportunity coz your body is a pearl that only one person on earth who has the right to touch it and discocer it beauty. My advice to you sister is to run just in front of women and if its not possible for ya ya can run in front of men but wearing your hijab , believe me it will not prevent ya from winning, becoz me too i'm veilled and i used to run with my veil and Hamdolilah i used to win.

wish you the best of luck


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assalamualaikum sisters, muslimahs.
i am new to this forum and thus i have just read this article for the first time.
this is an excellent piece of article and since i am just opened up to wearing the hijab not too long ago, this article is comforting for me. thank you for posting this article.


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must say an intresting read..
and a good source for education on hijab and encouragment on faith in general..

i am muslim but im re descovering my faith as i havent been too religious in the:mashallah: past and wish to learn more

i hope to continue on the right path



I am new to Islam and today was my first day of wearing the Hajib
my day has borough me so much happiness

i even have a sister who i have never known say :salam2: to me
it filled me with such joy

thank you for this post



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Hello, I am a new revert and I found this article to be very helpful. My family would never accept me if I wear hijab, that upsets me but I know one day I will have to make the decision, Is there any advice from anyone to help this situation ?? I do want to be one step closer to paradise but I dont want to loose my family. InshAllah it gets easier :hijabi:


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thank you soo much for sharing this, i have only been a revert for 6 months, and whering hijab weighed heavy on my mind, i started slow by changing my dress to being modist, and then i started to where a bandanner around my hair, and then i started to play around with diffrent scarfes, untill i found myself going out of the house in 3 or 4 diffrent scaffs covering my hair and neack, it then occured to me, that there is no diffrence to what i was doing and whering the full slamic hijab, soo the next day, i pulled my proper black 2 peice hijab, and i wore it down the street with such pride,....... and yes ppl did look at me diffrently when i was in islamic hijab, but in my heart, i was feeling soo strong, and now i have been whering it for about a month, and i feel soo good to have overcome my fears .........................alhumdulilah.

soo sisters,............................ take the step,


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Thank you for the post. It has made me realize even more that the hijab is for me. I have not fully memorized the prayers and have been prolonging studying and wearing the hijab for two years now when i first felt it in my heart and dreamt of wearing hijab. Procrastinating Some becasue of my famiy and some because of nervousness and fear. I want to wear the hijab for Allah (SWT) truly in my heart but feel not worthy yet because I have just began to truly learn and study the quran. Should I wait to put on the hijab until I memorize my prayers and continue to read more and more of the quran? Would it be wrong for me to wear hijab now so soon even though it is in my heart to do so?