Traffic penalty = riba (interest)???


to Allah we belong

suppose a traffic dept (or school/office/any organisation) makse a law that if you delay paying your dues, you will be penalized. will it come under riba?

eg. if a person dont pay his traffic violation of $ 20 by 30th June 2011, he has to pay $ 25 by next it riba?

i have heard some scholars saying that it is.


wa 'alaikum salam warahamtu-llah

I think it is not riba.
because, ribah rate is not so high

actually the 5 dollar is the penalty of the paying the penalty after the due date.
it is just for that people don't take it easy.
it is just my opinion.

but I hope someone knowledgeable brother/sister can answer, insha Allah

Allahu a'lam
wassalamu alaikum