What happened to TTI?


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Asalaamu alaikum my brothers and sisters in Islam.

In case nobody noticed, I rarely come to this site any more. I think since Ramadan I have posted far less frequently than I use to.

Why? Well, because the behavior on this site has become so tedious I can barely abide it. We've become the Brady Bunch with knives.

Someone asks a simple question and it becomes a 3 page lecture. Someone can't even ask what time it is without there being posted a dozen hadith talking about how to build your own watch, followed by half a dozen saying time is bid'ah. Yet the original question remains largely unanswered.

One thing that has kept me away though is how differences of opinion are NOT ALLOWED on TTI. If we do not agree with you, you're wrong. Period. No ifs, ands, or butts. We do not care if you have hadith backing your point. It does not match ours. So - you are wrong. No, there is no discussion. You are wrong. Period!

The biggest issue though is how we can't have a thread of 5 or so more replies without it turning into bickering and name calling. Astaghfirullah.

C'mon my brothers and sisters. This is not a playground where we are playing King of the Hill. We are representing the greatest religion on Earth, the only religion created by the One Who is worshiped in that religion.

I'm not one to sugar coat my words, and I think there are many of you that need a spanking!

May ALLAH lead us beyond all pettiness, amin.



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Wa`alaykum us-salaam

Jazaak Allaahu khayran for your advice and reminder. I've noticed this myself lately and it seems to occur more-so when there's a lot of political discussion going on. Mabsoot should close the News again lol.

P.S. Differences of opinions are allowed, so long as they don't extend to issues of creed or oppose ijmaa` etc.


Assalaam walaikum,

By closing down sections we do a disservice to ourselves.

What we have to do is be open for discussion. We are not specialists in Islam. We are plain and simple human beings.

The path to the truth opens when we realize we are limited by ourselves. We do not have all the answers.

One of the benefits of this site is to learn Islamic history. I am constantly amazed at how much knowledge I can gain. It makes your faith stronger.

TTI goes through this all the time. This is a good period.

There are times when I have to stop posting. However, there is so much I learn.


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I second closing down the politics section.

it serves no purpose with respects to someone trying to learn about Islam. It also wastes time, as many get caught up following the saga.

there is a ton of other places where politics is addressed.

I myself have been guilty for posting information of this sort.



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Continue making good posts/replies, others will hopefully imitate Inshallah. I think because people see argueing on one thread, they imitate it sometimes without realising and forgetting that this site isn't really for personal agenda's, but rather Islam and helping others understand and gain knowledge from it.


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We recently had quiet a few people leaving this site because some members don't know how to address others properly.


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Haha, Brady Bunch with knives....haha.

I have nothing to imput here because even though there is bickering on TTI, its bound to happen when you get such a diverse group of people. yes we're Muslims, but we're from all parts of the globe and all walks of life.


On this site, we have a diverse group of muslims from all over the world with different opinions and views. We all cant agree on everything. The purpose of this forum is to discuss Islam.... and no one is perfect, we are all here to learn.

What you are talking about, I have seen and we must try to do better inshallah. This is a very good site for Islamic discussions and I am proud to be a part of it. We must accept the bitter with the sweet and move on.:hijabi:Just my 2 cents!


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So lets all raise our orange juice glasses and make that toast! ...And I'd like some butter on mine, please.


Lol akhi. For a second I thought you were asking for butter in your orange juice.

But seriously, we are really peaceful compared to all the other forums out there. Trust me, other places are like an open battleground. Of course we are bound to have disagreements, but I hope we shall all learn from our mistakes and not take these things personally.

Remember, maybe that someone who just made that comment you didn't like - maybe they didn't mean it in the tone you took it as. Or maybe, they just had a really bad day, or are going through tough and difficult times - maybe they just need to cry out to someone to listen. There might be a host of maybes. And InshaAllah, let's try and understand each other and keep an even temper.

Also, personally, if I've hurt/offended anyone in anyway, I apologize. This life isn't worth wasting in petty arguments and disagreements. We're all on this site for a reason, because we *need* to be here for our own sakes. Well, at least its like that for me. So let's try and get along.


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salaam alikom

Most of you touched the main purpose of TTI, and just clarify the issue most of our member come on TTI and they ignore the rules section and jump in to threads and start replying on each and every post just to increase their number. We see replies which has no meaning, and nothing to do with the thread ..but it been posted just for sake of posting !

And to answer the brother, TTI allows the difference of opinion, but one it comes to clear ruling on one issue you will see people still argue and it end up instead of a nice discussion to a fight and arguments. Since we are not scholars we try to argue from what we understood from shyoukh, I think its better to follow the sunnah and well sound Imam rather than normal people like us get in to arguments on subjects where scholars have difference of opinion.

I am not sure how many of you read the rules of the site but just as reminder- --(And Remind for verily a reminder benefits the believer")(51:55)



PLEASE READ before Posting / Important Articles We Should All Benefit From!


Lil' Muslimah

the ages on TTI is from min.: 12 to 50... Bound to have different opinions, ups or downs :shymuslima: when hadiths and proof/ references etc are brought to back your opinion up, it's more likely to be fact rather than opinion, but this reminder is really needed anyway!

JazakAllah khair for your courage to give us this notice!

May we stay MUSLIM UNITE! Amiiin


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Assalaamu alaykum,

Subhana'Allaah....a much needed thread!!

I could not agree with you more on this. I mean we have to grow up...ya know, learn that opinions are good until they are no longer opinions (when something is proven from Qur'an and Sunnah...I believe we should not have opinions). Many of us also forgot about the word "respect" I have seen many members being insulted?? I mean aint we all Muslims?? Dont we have the same goal?? lets serve that goal and put aside differences of opinions for the sake of being united :)

Ya know what I think though, we got a cyber SHAITAN on the lose!!! I mean subhana'Allaah, Shaitan is every where and he ignites the fire of anger anytime he sees some arguments. Lets be a team and defeat that dude shall we??

Keep the brotherly/sisterly love alive dear sisters and brothers.........

PS: I missed the old TTI :D


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In the midst of a conversation once with my shaikh-teacher during class..I shared the fact about my participating and being a moderator on an Islamic forum to give an example for an issue we were discussing..

He stopped me and looked *horrified* at hearing that...and kept asking me specific questions about *how* I participate...he was worried that I'd give an answer which I will regret in my *akhirah*...

Needless to say..he praised the fact that I was "helping" out but he *strongly recommended* that I take it easy..and answer ONLY when my answer is Islamically correct with *utter certainty*...personally..I think if he was being tougher that day..he would've asked me to stop participating altogether..but he realized that I earn benefit from it so he thought a warning would suffice (and alhamdulillah for that)...

Anyhow..the main point is that..I guess he was indirectly trying to curb the Knived-up Brady Bunch phenomenon at least through the one person he could advice (which would be me) :)

I really hope that people heed your concern akhi...it is quite frustrating to read through arguments 80% of which are either *incorrect* or flat-out *invalid* Islamically due to ignorance or lack of *thorough* knowledge first and foremost..and only cause chaos & dislike between people (majorly)..or read through a 100 replies *all* giving the same answer with different wording...

If you are not sure about an answer..simply say "I don't know" (after all..the scholars say..."half of all knowledge, is the statement I don't know")...

If you differ with the person or feel their question harping on your nerves (for whatever reason)..then *click away* from the thread and avoid it as if it's the plague (so shaitan doesn't make you slip)...

And if you know the answer and see that it has been given by someone else *already*...then simply *quote it* in your reply to show *further confirmation* or say *alhamdulillah* to yourself and help someone else in another thread (when & where applicable)...

Following the suggestions above can really do much for TTI..and it can cut back on a loooooot of the excessiveness in arguing & bickering mentioned by you brother Danyal...

And may Allah guide us towards what pleases Him..ameen



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yup, exactly so, which is why i havent bothered logging on and rarely browse the site..its just not what it used to be one year prior...we as muslims can be our own worst enemy, too many opinionated folk and also way too serious.

lighten up everyone and remember before saying bidah this and that and quoting numerous ahadeeth, we arent shoyookh and we skate on very thin ice when we interpret ahadeeth/ayat