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  • wa alaykum salam, yes I read your reply. ,I know the thread was not yours, it was removed due to the original post. The reason it was taken off is that it did not give enough of a balanced approach that we should expect. Even though it is based on narrations and evidences, it does not help in removing misconceptions.
    Assalamu Alaikum: Br.

    Hope you are in best of health and Imaan. Its for the very first time I am seeing you online. Sweet to see you.

    Take care.


    Oh no, it's a not a big deal brother. No worries. I was just speaking rhetorically about myself, not about you. I posted a message on your board because you are someone special to me.
    Wa'alaikumussalam brother!
    I apologise for my fault. I haven't used tti consistently for the last several months and I think it has technically changed slightly. I did not realise I posted my message to you on a public view page. I know I am posting this one on the public view however, I will be more careful in the future. Wasslamu alaikum warahmatullah.
    Asalaam'alikum dear brother Bawar!

    I usually don't like to post personal messages so openly, but since we've been acquainted and kept in touch for so long, I feel like you are my older brother. I have the ut-most respect for you. I hope you and are family are doing well.

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