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    Searching a nasheed...

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    Searching a nasheed...

    As salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatu llahi wa barakatuh Could someone help me to find this nasheed bismillah (It begins at 00:42h)? DjazakumuLLAHU khayran :)
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    16-year old girl targeted by FBI for being 'too Muslim' - exclusive

    I can't open the link, could you write the text here, please?
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    Samir ibn Saleh ibn Abdullah al-Suwailim (Sayful Islam: Khattab)

    The Life and Times of Amir al Khattab (biography)
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    Tears of Gaza

    I couldn't watch it, it's removed..:( May Allah help my Palestinian brothers and sisters!!! May Allah 'azza wa djal give victory to the mudjahideen. May Allah 'azza wa djal bring the Islam&Khalifat back. May Allah 'azza wa djal strenghthen our Ummah. Ameen :)
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    chechenia^Allahu akbar ^

    Allahumma Ameen.
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    Где вы живёте?

    Wa 1alaykum as salam wa rahmatu llahi wa barakatuh, may Allah bless ALL THE MUJAHIDEEN, ameen! :)
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    Где вы живёте?

    Wa 'alaykum as salaam. ChechenMaga told it now. Shishani:biggrin:
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    Mag de vrouw werken..?

    Ma sha Allaah.
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    NEE tegen boerkaverbod (petitie) !

    Ah! Ik dacht bijna dat er een nieuwe shishani was hier)
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    Двое чеченцев спасли 23 от Брейвика

    ДжазакАллах1у хайран журналист Мухьаммад.)))
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    Question about shaytaan and Ramadhaan.

    I read they see the shaytaan.. :s
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    Question about shaytaan and Ramadhaan.

    As salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatu Llaahi wa barakaatuh my dear brothers and sisters. I've been thinking.. If you hear a dog barking at night , it means that he has seen the shaytaan. But what about during Ramadhan? If a dog barks at night during Ramadhan, then... can he have seen the shaytaan...
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    How many children you wish to have?

    As many as Allah gives Look at her, isn't she cuuuuuuuteeeee???!!! The bigger the Ummah, the better :) By the way, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi was sallam loved children.
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    I am speechless after seeing these 2 birds.

    Ha ha ma shaa Allaah!!!:SMILY149: