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  • Hey sis!!!!! Well, do REALLY well in college! lol- i AM pretty young- but lol- when people see me, they think I'm a high-schooler or sumthin -b4 i open my mouth!!!!!!:lol:
    thnx 4 the advice sis!Lol- i'll make sure i get the right couses- same- i want 2 get into University- Insha'Allah.

    lol- I've been born a Muslim. Though somtimes, i get a bit off path- but Insha'Allah i will improve!!!!
    lots of luv sis!
    part two :D:D:D
    but I am ubah (means flower) from Somalia in east Africa originally:D
    but live in USA (MN) I have been to Kenya too :D:D:D
    aaaamm, I LOVE poetry, and reading especially mystry books:D
    but sadly dont read any now coz of school AGAIN !!
    well, I have been a Muslim all my life but not a gratefull slave of Allah:(
    but subhanaAllah Allah with His [SWT] infinite mercy guided me back to the deen a year and so ago:D Alhamdulillah! it's the best to be back with Allah and the Quran and the deen:D BEAUTIFUL I have no words to describe how i really feel as of right now about the best mercy Allah has bestowed upon me! all praises n thanks be to HIM [SWT] the Glorified and exalted!
    I am freshman in college now, and majoring in nursing!:D:D
    well, that is about it :D
    you can ask anythin else you're currious about hun:D
    btw, wishing you a haaaappy EID!!:D:D:D:D:D
    mwaaahhs n huggies:D
    love you so much for Allah's sake:D:D:D:D
    aaahh tell me about it! like seriously I hate school so much lol
    I say *i hate school with passion* ;) it's just too much work..tests, papers, yukhss all those stupid dump stuff !
    yea it'll pay of one day inshaAllah:D:D:D:D
    oh ma Allah! you dont knw how excited iam to be back here:D
    well, only for 4 days...
    oh you're 18! awesome:D:D:D:D
    I wud of callled u ma twin but naah lol you just turned 18 and I am almost 19.....but it's stil cute:D:D:D:D:D
    oh ahaha idk why I asked u coz I too dont knw wat to say wen peeps ask me *tell me about u* lol
    iam like well,....aamm I am ME ahaha it's kinda weird!
    vm too long lol
    Two days didn't talk in MSN !! do u imagine that :p

    I missed you brand-new22

    ohhh ur name is long lol I'd rather ur really one ^_^
    Oh- thats great sis
    ! keep up the good work?
    wat wud u like 2 b?
    i wanna be a doctor/vet!
    lol sis- i'm just in grade 7!!!!:lol:
    not a TON of work- right
    luv u lots!
    EID MUBARAK !May Allah(SW) ease ur hardships, and grant you a divine place in Jannah. Ammen:hearts:
    Lolz sis- and I hope u get 2!
    btw- sis- if u don't mind me asking- r u in college?
    lots of luv sis!
    Happy Eid!
    (And may you find a good partner in life- and have ur own family, and a good house, and lot's of experience in the Masjid!)
    LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!
    aw sis! I'M SO HAPPY 4 U! dont worry- it'll get easier- and there's plenty of stuff 2 try out there- halaquaa's Qur'an classes, Islamic disscussions and teacings
    TONS OF STUFF!:lol:
    it's awesome
    my masjid had a bakesale to help the orpans of gaza
    i made brownies:lol:
    lots of love sis!:D:hearts:
    LOL- hahahahaha! :D Thats hilariosu! Oh well ukhtii- atleast you watched ;) :D Alhumdulillah.

    No i dont go to the Masjid to pray ever. No one in our community goes *women* So i have never seen the jama'ah room.

    Im really glad you had a great time mashAllah :)
    Be sure to get rid of your nail polish next time you visit so you may participate in Salah with them LOl :D

    Tc, chat to you latrs

    yep- i go 2 the Masjid sumtimes- but it never feels like eough 4 me:(
    cuz i luv it there
    congrats sis! i'm happy 4 u!!!!!
    i hope u can keep on going there 4 a long time!
    May Allah help you become a better Muslim
    not saying that ur not a good Muslim:lol:
    lotsa luv sis!
    WOW! You went man! :D MashaAllah!

    How was it? Oh i bet you had a great time! :):)

    I wana know man- fill me in :D LOL

    Ive been well Alhumdulillah and u?

    Love u

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah sis, nothin to complain abt:D
    thanks for askin of me..... it's jst that I have been busy wif school lately inshaAllah soon we'll have a break and I am gunna be on here much:D
    telll me abt u? wats up..... hw is lyf treatin u?
    inshaAllah lookin forward to gettin to knw ya betta:D:D:D:D
    Assalamu Alaikum sweeet sis:D

    thot I wud drop by n say salaam:D
    wasnt around lately.....but I hope u r doin well inshaAllah:D
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