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  • Salam Alekum sis

    Sorri for the late reply... lol totally forgot about this site also cuz i was busy too..
    Mabrook for ur new job and new place... :) Wats the new job?

    Am in Morocco now for 3 months vacation.. and maybe i might go to France then go back to USA InshAllah..
    lool sooo different here and am not use it...

    take care inshallah
    hehehe---dang woman, try to use ur brain for ones :p who'd say that other than me???? Your home girl :)
    Minnesota, psychology major (was going for nursing before). I know your real name and your know mine---used to be known as "Slave of Allah" before---changed it to Arabic and took the female version of that I had stars in my name *--------* like that. The meaning of my real name is flower. If you still can't figure me out, ima have to come down in UK, find your house and simply STARE at you! ;) or maybe do something wild like idk. ima think of something......
    wasalaam twin! SubhanaAllah its been ages I miss you too a lot. I just don't go on the net much hardly use the computer I think its been months.. lol literally. Hope ur well ukthi and everythings going good for u inshaa Allah plz keep me in ur du'Aas. And finally a lot of struggle my bb broweser decided not to close using my phone init lol so I could type this message in peace Alhamdulillah.
    ahaha...I've been doing fantastic :) alhamdulillah,

    LOL so you're talking to me but have no idea who I am? bwahaha
    I shall forever leave you in the dark :p
    Its your hw to find out ;) GOOD LUCK DARLING!
    Wa'alaykum salam
    Whooaa haven't heard from you in ages man!! ;O
    Yeah I changed my username
    Wassup? How are you? How's life? x
    look who it is?? Is it my eyes or it really YOU?? :D
    I MISS YOU TOOO! TTI isn't the same anymore mayn:(
    how YOU been?? I hope well,
    I am hanging there, surprised that Ramadan is almost OVER? subhanaAllah, we begin praying Tahajud tonite can you believe that?? Time went by SOOO FAST wallah. I hope you're having a blessed Ramadan
    sister salamun aleykum,

    I have seen your past thread about deleting account request.
    I have sent a msg to mabsoot .
    How am ı going to delete my account , can you help.
    thanks alot.
    Kool MashAllah.. Glad to hear back from u.. Alhamdulillah ur doing great... I missed u:) Ameen waiyaki sis :)
    Alhamdulillah am fine.. I was in hospital for a week.. am out now Alhamdulillah... Make duaa for me InshAllah that Allah cure me fast.
    I graduated from university on Dec with BA degree.. lolz now i cant find job.. its no fun... Whats up with u?? anything new???
    hope to hear back from u soon inshAllah...
    take care sis :)
    good news...wat the heck u waiting for?? SHARE my darling...SHARE :)
    and its true u pop outta no where these days :p I am glad to ur Vms tho :D
    alhamdulillah it is.....u popping outta no where after awhile hehee......
    I missed seeing u around, but I guess u r super busy eh?
    May Allah have mercy u and forgive u...ameen
    pls keep me in ur duas:)
    <3 u always sister :D
    As-salaaaaaamu `alaikum, strangerrr!!!:D

    Subhanallaah! i know right?!almost a Whole year..! but where in God's names did ya disappear to ukhty..? I nearly gave up on yu!=p I misssssed you much more too..!! and Alhamdulillaah, been complaints at all.. maybe a tiny bit, but all is well! school ends in bout 3 weeks!:D how bout you..?! Still in madrassah, right? i still cant believe mom nd dad got yu to attend it full time.. why couldn't my mom and dad let me do the same?!!lol.. oh and yu single no more, eh? NO fair Asmaaa!*pouts*lol but Alhamdulillaah.. wallahi i'm very happy for you dear!! i wanna be next..i do, i dooo!lol pray for me abaayo!;)

    Gotta go since it's reaaaally late.. but hope to see yu around nd i'll Insha'allah try and come on as often as i can!! we needa catch up mann!lol

    Take care!!!:))
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