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  • wA aleikum salaam,

    Keyfa 'aloukii uhkti? Anna bi kheir alhamdoulilah :)
    Sister, i really appreciate your kindness, may Allaah bless you!
    (Did I see the word battle?? :D)

    ooh Its our dear mods again.

    Ive never heard of Sheikh Sha'rawy sis, care to enlighten me? Id like to know inshaAllaah.
    I do think you should say Astaghfur Allah many times for accusing Shaikh Sha'rawy of having mistakes in Aqeedah unless you have strong evidence about that. و لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله
    Wa Alaykum Assalam

    your theard Moved to Trash Can

    due to we Prevent advertising of any other sites..

    ..speacially sites of those ppls whom have mistakes in Aqeedah..:astag:

    Wa alikom assalam dear and sweet sister,

    I too miss you and your very wise mind..mashaa Allah...help me to stay safe, happy and smiling by your faithful du'a.

    Sister, I miss your words of wisdom.

    We should talk soon inshaAllaah.

    Please stay safe and strong and happy and smile ..:)

    and make Du'aa for me :SMILY252:

    Assalmu alaikum dear sister Amany,I think it's a nice new to communicate,as you konw I'm a big fan of all your contributions here,May Allah increase your faith and wisdome.
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