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  • wa salam dear sister,I'm sorry if I didn't reply.I'm in good health and Iman.My son Imran????he is very very beauty!He is maybe the beautiest son on the Earth.If I could show you his photo,you'see him with your eyes.I didn't know that he had you as aunt;I'll tell him when he'll grow up that he has an aunt from tti!!!kisses.P.S:I have no facebook account at the moment;to be honest I fear that place

    Dearest sister KSA_lover

    You are very welcome sister.
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful Avatar.
    Masha Allah!
    ~May Allah swt reward you tremendously for sharing~Amiin!

    Thank you sooo much,
    ~Wassalam :)

    Dearest sister KSA_lover


    Best wishes from:
    your sister in Islam

    ~Wassalam :)
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...:)

    As salam alykom ukhti.
    Sorry I have forgot my MSN.
    Only yahoo and e-mail aviable.
    Now a days no almost time for messengers.
    Only e-mail.

    I hope you are doing great.
    May Allah protect you always. Amen.
    Je t'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup moi aussi! Merci pour tout (thank you for everything). Next time, you and your family have to visit us inshallah! You choose where :p youre all most welcome wherever you want! :)
    and my mum and sis thank you for the chocolate! they said its so sweet of you!
    my salaam to your family
    love you always sis :hearts:
    salam sister,if your friend is interested about Islam you may address him to the reading of Quran,it would be easier for him to learn the basis of our religion.about hijab and niqab,you may answer that they are two ways to dedicate our love to Allah and to keep far the sights from those who aren't our husbands.there is much to say sister,I can write pages and pages,but don't ask me to talk because my tongue is frozen in front of people.this friend of yours doesn't know that Isa(AS) was only a prophet and not the God which many of them worship?try to question him until he will not be able to give you any answers and in sh Allah will recognize that his faith is wrong and that there is only Allah.wa salammmm!!!
    Ur welcome *hug*
    i miss u :( dont get to talk to u much :D inshallah i will ukhti ♥
    love ya too :D
    take care....
    urs lil sis
    'Allahumma baa-rik-lanaa fee-rajaba wa
    sha'baana wa bal-lig-naa shah-ra ramadhaana.' O Allah, make the months of Rajab and Shabaan blessed for us, and let us reach the month of
    Ramadhan.' ........ Pray yeah for this month
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