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  • Assalamua'alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    Sister Fatima, kaifa haal? Its been a while since you are active here. We recently had a thread on practicing Arabic fusha, but I guess the OP rarely sign in. But it would have been wonderful if you can engage in it, if you have time.

    See you around, inshaa Allaah :)
    Salam sister I know studying medicine or/being school is hard. Good luck sister. Keep up the hard work. You'll reach your goals sister inshallah.:) don't worry Allah is with you. And Ramadan Kareem sister. :) I miss you too. N I love you too. I've been busy lately I barely log in here. Inshallah I'll try my best to keep up with you guys. Wasalm sister :)
    Alhamdu-lillaah from my side too. . So are you around nowadays? Thought that maybe we should bump up and make the Arabic threads alive. . eh? :)

    Would be good for mine and others improvement. .
    Ukhti kareema. . are you here now? I mean are you available by now :) Havent seen you in a while, hope all is well, inshaAllaah!
    I see, too bad. I think Igot my avatar from there :)

    Awww, you go sister! You can do it :) It will take hard work, but isnt that what Muslim women are best at? ;)
    Salaam sister, where did you get your icon with the butterfly?

    You have not been on TTI in so long, insha allah you are well :)
    I miss you too. . . and everyone. . . and TTI. LOL.
    Yeah, hope to chat and talk to you soooon, inshaAllaah :)

    Take care habibti!!
    hi sister,I tried to send you the photo by PM,but it appears me a link in which I should insert an URL adress,and I really don't know what it is.Maybe I should create a thread and put the photo there,but it would be unislamic.I hope with my heart to meet you in Hajj or 'Umra one day.I'd like you and some other sisters to be together as unseparetable friends.be strong dear sister
    hey sister,Don't worry,in sh Allah you'll complete successfully your studies.me,I finished them when I was 19 and I started the activity as mother and wife.it gives me many satisfations.I want to send you a photo of my child,but I don't know how do it,maybe I can do it through a PM?In sh Allah it will come to you a good man who will love you very much.you live too far from my town,I would have been happy,if we could meet.here there are so few muslim sisters,that I can't see them.
    salam 'alikum dear sister,it's a lot I don't see you on this site.did you complete your studies?how are you?You wish to see my son Imran??how can I show you him?can I send you a photo?if you want to be the aunt of him,you must be the aunt of the one other who is going to come!!!I'm'4 months pregnant and I wanted you to know how I'm happy.I don't know if you're married and have children,but I assure you that it is a beautiful experience.wa salam
    Salam sister,next week in sh Allah I'll go to Morocco and I don't know if I can write here again.by the way you're in my list of friends,I don't want to lose your friendship on tti,don't get angry if I'll not write you much.kiss
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