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    IOF troops kill two Palestinians on first day of Ramadan

    A brainwashed Jew putting lies and ridiculous things is not going to get us brainwashed. Alhamdulillah for the truth and that we are not brainwashed. Israel is disgusting terrorist state, they kill and make up stupid excuses, while the world is waking up and knowing the truth. These crimes...
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    BTW, all the possibilities are the outcomes of 9 times any number from 0 to 9. Like 9 times 1, or 9 times 2, until 9 times 9. The result you get will be any number from these, and the symbol for all these numbers are the same.
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    :salam2: All the possibilities probably have the same symbol :D And the symbol changes each time.
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    Russian colonel who killed Chechen woman shot dead in Moscow

    He is worse than dog, cannot compare to dog, it's insult to dogs. "May Allaah support the family of the girl, rahimahallah. May Allaah give all of those oppressers what they deserve, alayhim ma yastahiqqu minallah." Ameeen
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    Check The Label - Boycott Israeli Dates

    :salam2: This is just great! JazakAllah khayr for sharing. It is really great as well that it's happening in the right time before Ramadhan so that people have time to prepare, like wholesalers and retailers. But is it possible to make the images smaller because of the space, some people may...
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    Say No to Dowry.

    :salam2: Dowry is a must. There is one narration of a man who went to the prophet peace be upon him, to say that he had nothing to give in dowry so what he should do. He had a surah of the Qur'an memorized, and that was his dowry because he was too poor he could not afford, but you see that...
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    Resentment and Sadness: Is it a Sin???

    :salam2: Do you know any brothers? Come on, there has got to be someone.
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    Wake up, al dajjal is here as we speak.

    :salam2: I'm a little confused on this issue. Dajjal will appear as a young man, but in the hadith (about the story) he is huge man and he already exists in this earth somewhere. So the young man who will be dajjal, he is actually the man from the story right? So will dajjal from the story...
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    Pushto (Pashto)Translation of The Holy Quran MP3

    Does not work for me, is it working for others?
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    I find this a little disturbing

    :salam2: Thanksgiving?? Well I just want to say that in Islam, the end does not justify the means.
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    Pushto (Pashto)Translation of The Holy Quran MP3

    :wasalam: Dir tashakor wrora, da mi pekar di. Khode di mal sha.
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    End of World on Saturday says nutty Christian

    :wasalam: Lol....... Should we feel sorry for these people? All their life believing something, to have a huge disappointment. It was a useless prediction, and maybe something good will come out of it, that people who believed in this will start questioning their faith, and be guided to truth...
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    Do you have Account Problems?

    Yes I can. JazakAllah khayr
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    Halal Friends?

    :salam2: Found this article, and I would like to know more about this.
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    Taliban Breach Afghan Prison?

    Great escape indeed, Alhamdulillah. Are you Taliban supporter?