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  • salamoona, senga ye khoor jaan?
    auw wakht kho taregee kho wersara mung hum taer shoo.
    still busy with ur studies?
    walaikumasalam alhumdulillah i am fine and busy with my 6 months old son(it must be "young" but leave it cos english is such a "wrong" language lol) yesterday i log in here and saw your msg and believe me it really lightened up my are u and how is uni fever lol? really missed u 2 and ofcourse tti but i dont have time once upon a time i had had to see every corner of that beautiful website.
    dea kha rata wa lageda sta msg kawan .Allah paak e tal khaushala lara.
    Salam Alekum sis..
    How are u doing?? It has been long time.. heheheeh.. hope thing are well with u InshAllah.... I missed all the sisters in TTI!!!!!

    hope 2 hear from u soon InshAllah
    take care sweety :)
    assalamualaikum dear FF
    hoe are u and yes Ramadan Kareem!
    i am alhumdulillah fine and whoever seeks peace Allah gives i was seeking peace of mind and Alllah The Exalted gave me alhumdulillah and i am feeling really really good mashallah.
    so sorry sister i didnt receive ur VM at the time when i was online so i could not reply .How are u and where were u ?
    i guess u r busy at ur uni ,right?
    take care and mala dua kawa khor pa dua ke me haira na ke.
    sta ta de Allah roogh sehat ao daer imaan der ke ameen
    long long ago i had friend FF,althogh her name sounds weird but she was a really nice person.straightforwardness was one of the prominent quality of among millions.her friend misses her very much.she has gone to Allah knows where and her friend YA ALLAH MADAD is looking for her everywhere.she turned over every stone to find her but no success .
    so your are being kindly requested that if you find FF kindly inform her friend YA ALLAH MADAD at your earliest
    asalam o alykum
    how are you sister
    hope u ll be fine inshaAllah
    what happen to dawn of the ummah forum. cant open that :(
    missing it
    hope u ll reply soon
    Ameen, and inshallah taala , it will go as the way ALlah (swt) wills it.

    lucky, :) hope u had fun over the holidays , its nice to take some time off from time to time,and yea idk why lately lol ive been feeling like im out of ideas on what to post and i dont see many of the old members who used to be on TTI alot.

    and ameen to ur dua sis i pray the same for you.
    i honestly dont know the test were not showing anything at all, it keeps on going up and down sometimes i totally cant tell but then it comes back its weird but i still think its a lot better now :) ALhumdulilah :)

    JazakALlah khair for asking and remmembering me , where have you been sister i dont see you much on the forum?

    May Allah (swt) bestow him mercy upon you and all his followers - ameen
    walaikum salam sis,

    thx for Asking, JazakAllah khair :D this was so sweet

    ALhumdulilah im great, thx to the mercy of ALlah (swt) :) how are you doing?
    Assalamu alaikum dear sis how r u and ur family hope u and ur family r also fine! My dear sis im going for 1 or 2 months out of the city i will be offline i will miss u sooo much dear sis plz keep me in ur dua's sis i really need them!See u soon!May Allah always keep u and ur family in His protection Amin!plz do not forget about me!
    alhamdulillah im fine thanks for asking how r u how is life and ur family hope everything is fine!
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