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  • Assalamu Alaikum !!!!

    How are you doing?
    I just wanted to pass you this flower bunch... :)

    Assalamo alaikum baji,

    Firstly congrats on your newborn baby. I have not been on TTI, therefore was not aware of it.

    BTW Your yahoo account is hacked. Some one name "Catherine" is using that account.
    Assalamu alaikum WR WB

    Let me pass My Eid Wishes to you and your Loved ones..

    Add me and my loved ones in your Dua's too Insha Allah:)

    Alhumdulillah me and my family is doing a great job. How are you sister. what about you family and you kids. I remember you daughter, the one who popped a balloon by biting on it *smiles* so sweet. How's she?
    Walaykumsalaam sister khangul,

    Sister, please read the two links below :-

    Ways of performing witr

    Ways of performing witr (in urdu)

    Ruling of praying Witr like Maghrib (ie according to Hanafi Maslak)

    Ruling of praying Witr like Maghrib (in urdu)

    If you have any questions or doubts, please let me know. May Allah azz zawajal give us hidayah and tawfeeq to practice our deen according to Quran and Sunnah Ameen
    Assalamu alaikum my friend :)

    hope u and ur family is doing good with the help of Allah..

    Just wanted to knock you when I am online :)

    Take care aloot

    FEE AMANILLAH dear :)
    Walaykumsalaam respected sister in Islam,

    Thanks for your kind wishes. JazakiAllahu Khayran

    I ask you and fellow members on TTI to help the mod team in keeping this place peaceful and friendly. And also would like to encourage you and others to contribute to this website, so we can all learn and benefit from one another.

    ***When you need it the most, when you think you have nowhere to go .... look yourselfe in the chambers of my soul ...this is your refuge ... if you can not find ... just look up into the sky .... there are clouds of our memories where my soul is resting...****
    Meray piyari Baaji

    Agar meray paas aap ke liye time nahin ho ga kis kay liye ho ga....

    Mana kay hum zara musroof hain, laiken itney b nahin kay aap ko bool jahin.
    Assalamo alaikaum...

    Aap kay liye main nay kuch urdu main likha hain in post main "ISLAM AND THE 21ST CENTURY-Zakir Naik- Oxford Union Debate 2011 Q&A "

    Meray urdu ko rate karna mat boliye ga je... :)

    Wa alaikumusslaam my dear sweet sister..:)

    How are u? hws ur daughter? :muslim_child:

    Hm... got nothing to give u....:shymuslima1:

    wait I'll check what I have..:)

    Fine I got a flower bunch for you... BUT I AM SURE U WILL ACCEPT INSHA ALLAH..:):shymuslima1:

    By faaraa at 2010-12-03

    And I give this song to all my loved ones children or lil kids I know..:shymuslima1: and this si for ur daughter..:muslim_child:
    HOPE SHE TOO WOULD LIKE IT:shymuslima1::shymuslima1:

    FEE AMANILLAH:hearts:
    The remaining links are of a Pakistani brother's personal database :-

    Tafseer Al- Sadiee in Urdu

    Tafseer Ibne katheer in Urdu

    Saheeh Bukhaari

    You can find some other great books of scholars on his database including refutation of deviant sects, beneficial audio lectures, Urdu translated books of the Sunnah and other interesting stuff.

    This is the direct link of his database :-

    May Allah azz zawajal increase us in knowledge Ameen

    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi
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