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  • Wa'laikum warahmatullah.....hope you're in the best of health and Iman beautiful:hijabi:

    I've been kinda busy lately ukhti. forgive me, i haven't kept in touch with you but know that you're always remembered in my du'aa. And thanks for being concerned. so- how are you? is life treating you well?
    keep in touch ukhti and stay blessed:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    May happiness always surround you:):):)

    take care
    As-salamu Alaikum ukhti

    This is sort of late so, Happy "late" eid mubarak!!!!
    hope it was filled with happiness for you and your family as it was for me...

    take care
    OoOhh hope you had fun missy! :D

    I hope you had a great Eid day :)
    I have my homework to do still LOL. tmrw is madrasa so i have to get it done tonight no matter what lol :D

    Make dua for me darlin,
    Love u always

    Wassalam :?)
    As-salamu alaikum ukhti- hope you're in the best of health. i was just passing by and wanted to say salaam!

    take care
    As-salamu alaikum ukhti- hope you're in the best of health. i was passing by and just wanted to say salaam

    take care
    haha! No i think u have to be my "friend" first to reply :D

    Dont worri about it lol- ur funny! :D
    Wa'alaykum salaam LOL :D

    How are u hun? Keeping well inshaALlah? :)
    TC, Uhibbuk!

    Wassalaam :):)


    As-salaamu'alaykum! just wanted to pass on salaamz to ya :)

    *i might be off BTW lol* :D

    Uhibbuk filLah
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